Shares have lost about 13.9% in that time frame, underperforming the S&P 500. Hill: Well, and if you look at the stock today. Zacks Rank stock-rating system returns are computed monthly based on the beginning of the month and end of the month Zacks Rank stock prices plus any dividends received during that particular month. And so, much like Walmart, Home Depot, big focus on making sure that they're taking care of their own, investing in the stores, investing in safety, investing in their associates, understanding that they already have just such a phenomenal competitive position, they know they can afford to do that, they know that the market is going to accept that. And I'm a little bit less glass-half-full, when it comes to that. And since then, it's essentially doubled. Each of the company logos represented herein are trademarks of Verizon Media; Microsoft Corporation; Nasdaq, Inc.; Dow Jones & Company; Forbes Media, LLC; Investor's Business Daily, Inc.; and Morningstar, Inc. Zacks Equity Research I mean, whether you're a homeowner or renter, you've got stuff you've got to get done. NYSE and AMEX data is at least 20 minutes delayed. That's going to do it for this edition of MarketFoolery. Moser: No. A month has gone by since the last earnings report for At Home Group (HOME - Free Report) .Shares have lost about 13.9% in that time frame, underperforming the S&P 500. Moser: Hey, always happy to do it. But yeah, I think that still, the way we invest here at the Fool, you know, we're talking about a three- to five-year time horizon, if not longer. The Ascent is The Motley Fool's new personal finance brand devoted to helping you live a richer life. Why SolarEdge Stock Dropped 10% Today ... SEDG) closed Thursday trading down 9.8%, and its peer, solar inverter-maker Enphase Energy (NASDAQ:ENPH), declined a similar 10.2%. Because, and maybe this is a misread on my part, but anytime I see good numbers, whether it's AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly, that sort of thing, one of my first thoughts is, uh, this probably isn't going to be good for car sales; you know, for new car sales. You look at the stock, it's down a little bit today, you know, it's up somewhere in the neighborhood of 15% year to date. Privacy Policy | No cost, no obligation to buy anything ever. This video was recorded on Aug. 18, 2020. At Home Group reported an adjusted net loss of $300,000, or breakeven per share. And let me start with this, Jason. They're not out of the woods, they're still doing everything they can to make sure that the groceries are stocked, some of the sporting equipment as well. See you at the top! I mean, anyone who hears what you're saying about Home Depot's quarter, how impressive it was, you look at the stock trading down a little bit today, you may look at that and say, well, wait a minute, what's going on here? At Home projects seasonal inventory to decline 20% and 10% in the fiscal third and fourth quarters, respectively. Stock really got hammered for that short period. They said on the call, without question they benefited from a surge in the industry demand fueled by government stimulus, unemployment benefits, the impact that COVID had on consumer behavior. I mean, there are going to be new safety measures, new policies and procedures put into place for the way these retail concepts operate, they're going to have to make more investments, obviously, in omnichannel and fulfillment. Revenue in the third quarter increased 19% to $318.7 million, exceeding the $314.8 million in sales that analysts were modeling for. Shares of At Home Group (NYSE:HOME) have plunged today, down by 35% as of noon EST, after the company reported third-quarter earnings results. And so, automakers around the world are really investing a lot in bringing these automobiles to the next level from a tech perspective. But I mean, they've got some blueprints to go by with businesses that have been very successful with these membership models. And in the universe of Parks and Rec, Ron Swanson's favorite retail location is a store called Food and Stuff. If you wish to go to ZacksTrade, click OK. Returns as of 10/26/2020. They sold more stuff. Moser: Yeah. Hill: Let's move on to Advance Auto Parts (NYSE:AAP). Hill: And I don't know about you, but I've been to Home Depot a few times over the last couple of months, and it doesn't matter whether I'm going during the day, at night, weekend, weekday, it doesn't matter, the parking lot is always full. But even in this environment they've stretched it, if you look at inventory levels this past quarter, total U.S. inventory levels were actually down 4.6%, which is just, you know, that's something to note, because while the supply chain volatility is starting to settle down, I mean, over the quarter and over the first half of the year, they've seen some shortages in certain things and some stuff, right? Like, you know, you read between the lines of what Menear said. Evan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a CFA charterholder. Let's conquer your financial goals together...faster. Stocks. I mean, it's just a very mediocre situation. Their costs are going up for all of the right reasons, whether it's safety measures in their stores and warehouses or employee pay. Delayed quotes by Sungard. You know, supply chain issues aren't new. Following the exact same course, the stock was allocated a grade of A on the value side, putting it in the top 20% for this investment strategy. Cumulative Growth of a $10,000 Investment in Stock Advisor, Why At Home Group Stock Plunged Today @themotleyfool #stocks $HOME, Why At Home Group's Stock Got Crushed Today, Here's Why At Home Group Stock Shot Up Today, Why Shares of At Home Group Are Climbing Today, Copyright, Trademark and Patent Information. And I say all that, because if Walmart's first-quarter report was about food -- and it was -- this second-quarter report that we got this morning seems to be about stuff. And management certainly called that out. And when I say a lot of ways, and we were talking at Advance Auto here, they deal with some very competitive companies in the space. I mean, you're talking about the Internet of Things and connecting all of these devices, whether it's phones, watches, cars, cities, buildings. The longer you own companies like this, the more sense it makes, right? Visit performance for information about the performance numbers displayed above. Adjusted EBITDA was $159.7 million compared with $47.1 million a year ago, reflecting growth of 239.1%.At fiscal second quarter-end, the company had 219 stores in 40 states. Before we dive into how investors and analysts have reacted as of late, let's take a quick look at the most recent earnings report in order to get a better handle on the important catalysts.

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