It becomes trapped on the east side. The upper portion of the Chesapeake Bay was frozen allowing people to walk from Annapolis to Kent Island, Maryland. Please select one of the following: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Washington had seen greater snowfall and more damage by past storms. The storm moved northeast across the southern Metropolitan area (Prince Georges County). Larry Savadove and Margaret Thomas Buchholz. By early evening visibility further dropped to ¼ mile in moderate to heavy snow , eventually falling to 1/16 of a mile with 35 mph winds around midnight on the 6th. The cold wave penetrated into the South. Large waves rack the coast and erode the beaches. In eastern West Virginia…Sheperdstown 14.0”, Martinsburg 16.0”, Berkeley Springs 11.4”, Romney 12.0”, and Bayard 14.0”. Light snow began to fall in the mid afternoon hours, which continued intermittently through the evening and overnight. The storm is known historically as the Knickerbocker Storm. In northern Virginia…Falls Church 13.4”, Alexandria 12.5”, Vienna 11.0”, Marshall 6.0’, Winchester 5.0”, and Leesburg 12.0”. Only a small channel down the middle of the river contained water that soon froze. The report attempted to break down factors that might affect how the weather will pan out come the 25 th. LINKS: Weather Alerts | Live Radar | School Closings & Delays | Traffic | Download the WUSA9 app, RELATED: Snow and rain move into DC, MD, VA Tuesday, RELATED: DC Winter Weather Forecast: Here's how much snow to expect, RELATED: Here's how DMV school systems decide to cancel or delay class for weather. In Florida, the storm produced an ocean surge of 9 to 12 feet that killed 11 people on the panhandle (more deaths than the storm surge from Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew) and it spawned 11 tornadoes. Totals include…in Washington DC 16.4” at National Airport. Not really. April 1, 1924: This April Fools Day Storm produced the latest recorded major snowfall (4 or more inches). Winds around the storm become intense. of Commerce, Weather Bureau, That winter (1898-1899) was so cold over a large part of the US that ice flowed from the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico! Winter of 1779-1780: This winter was so cold that ice was piled 20 feet high along the Virginia Coast and stayed there until spring! The American Weather Book. The 63 degree reading was also the warmest low temperature ever recorded in December at Dulles. Inland, a blizzard may be brewing with visibility near zero in blowing and falling snow and winds gusting over 35 mph. WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) - It has been a rough past few winters for snow lovers. Feb 2007 write-up by Elizabeth Thompson. Totals were as high as nearly 6 inches in some areas west of I-81! In Washington, the latest snow was seen on May 10, 1906, when a trace fell. Storm Data, Dept. The snow caused plows to move away from clearing secondary roads and residential areas and go back to plowing the main arteries and emergency routes. A second, stronger wave brought a burst of heavy snow to much of the region Wednesday afternoon and evening. The one week snowfall record for Washington DC was also bested with a total of 28.6”. Snowiest Month = 35.2 inches during Feb. 1899. The south branch of the jet stream carries a disturbance from the Gulf Coast to the Carolina Coast where it intensifies into a storm. Snowplows were unable to move in the gridlock. Dept. On January 19, snowflakes were seen in Miami, Florida! The storm had given Washington a snow depth of 34 inches (almost 3 feet) and the city recorded its greatest monthly snow total with 35.2 inches. Everywhere else in the Sterling forecast area received at least 14 inches, with the highest totals recorded from the central Shenandoah Valley to the central Allegheny Highlands. (See map shown above). Hagerstown recorded 22 inches in 24 hours. The weight of the snow was too much for the Knickerbocker Theater on 18th Street and Columbia in Northwest Washington, DC. of Commerce, NOAA, NWS, NCDC, Jan. and Feb, 1996. The city was completely blacked out with the exception of a few gas lights. The Blizzard of '88. In March, a regiment of the Virginia Infantry marched from Falmouth to Fredericksburg. Soon it is no longer snow, but rain, falling into cold air (below 32° F). The heavy snow helped to set up the Great Spring Flood of March 1936, on the Potomac River. The most devastating storm struck February 10-11 leaving a coat of ice, one to three inches thick, from freezing rain and sleet!

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