Indeed, the UK spouse visa processing time service standard is only maintainable in case of a straightforward family/partner settlement application. In April 2019, 8% of the spouse settlement applications from Khartoum, Sudan, decided within 30 working days. Accordingly, of the remaining 6,952 straightforward applications, 6,782 decided within 8 weeks. I also think it's crazy that they don't tell you in the notification email whether the visa has been approved or not, just that decision has been made. During July 2019, 15%, 86%, and 95% of the settlement applications from Manila, Philippines, decided within 30, 60, and 120 working days. During April-June 2019 Q2, 8,562 spouse visa leave to remain applications received – including unmarried and same-sex civil partners. Spouse of British Citizen. Please note, the 5-day priority service is not available for UK spouse visa extension timelines. During April 2019, the UK spouse visa timeline from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for 28%, 83%, 98% and 99% of partner/family applications was within 30, 60, 90 and 120 working days, respectively. Accordingly, decided 3,205 straightforward priority spouse/partner visa applications within the 30 working days service standards. Therefore, the UK settlement visa processing time 2019 for 97.80% of straightforward standard (normal) partner/spouse visa ILR applications was within 6 months. During Jan-March 2019 Q1, UKVI received 12,493 straightforward and 3,561 non-straightforward spouse visa applications. Perhaps, UKVI is keen to meet its service standard. Quite noteworthy: the priority service charges are on a higher side, therefore, applicants with a higher disposable income are more likely to use it. I applied specifically from Tampa and did a walk-in at the local biometrics place as the soonest appointment wasn’t for about a week or so out. During April-June 2019 Q2, UKVI received 7,044 straightforward and 2,052 non-straightforward standard (normal) spouse visa applications. Start YOUR admission process in UK, USA, Australia, NZ, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Russia, China, Turkey or UAE. Nevertheless, 10-15% spouse visa applications (mostly non-straightforward) may remain outstanding even after 120 working days or 24 weeks.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'ukvisa_blog-large-billboard-2','ezslot_6',659,'0','0']));report this ad. Certainly, there are some individual grievances against UKVI for unnecessarily delaying the decisions. However, 87%, 95% and 97% of the applications decided within 60, 90 and 120 days, respectively. Accordingly, decided 7,004 straightforward spouse/partner visa applications within the 60 working days service standards. Moreover, including the payment and any cheque for the full. Date of confirmation docs received in NY: 1/6/20. Accordingly, 9% of the settlement applications from Ghana remained outstanding after 120 working days. Contrarily, if the end result is a refusal then applicant start finding faults in the UK visa assessment procedure. I AM PRESENTLY LIVING IN (COUNTRY & CITY) (required), MOBILE NO. And also if one can afford the additional cost without any problem. As a matter of fact, most of the spouse/partner visa applications in 2019 processed within 60-90 days. husband's birthday is 6/3, so this timing is fab. 24 weeks or 5-6 months. Therefore, 16% of settlement applications remained outstanding beyond the stipulated service standard of 120 working days. I joined a Facebook group that helped a lot with questions making it all pretty straightforward. Therefore, the UK spouse visa processing time from UAE, is quite quick. Therefore, if a spouse/partner visa application is categorized as non-straightforward then the processing time usually exceeds the respective service standards as UKVI does not maintain any service standard for non-straightforward applications. I also paid the $5 for text notifications, which I would take a pass on, since you get all the same notifications via email from A subreddit to provide advice to people applying for Visas to come and stay or live in the UK. They didn’t ask for photos in the required documents but we uploaded some anyway.Decision Email: N/ADecision Letter Received on: 28 Feb 2020 exactly 6 weeks from biometrics appointment.BRP Card Received on: 28 Feb 2020Decision: Granted. Indeed, an applicant may expedite UK spouse visa timelines by: In fact, contrary to UK spouse visa timelines from Pakistan and India, where approx 20% of the spouse visa applications processed within 30 days, more than 40% of the applications from the USA are processed within 30 working days or 6 weeks. Really can't believe how quickly the decision was made! Therefore, if an applicant has purchased the priority service then there is a likelihood that the application may process within 6 weeks or 30 working days. Moreover, the 24-hours super-priority service (aka same-day and ILR Premium Service) is also available for processing UK spouse settlement visa applications. I’m afraid you still needed to see a border officer, as I just checked the UK Gov website. During July-Sept 2019 Q3, UKVI received 7,036 straightforward and 1,579 non-straightforward standard (normal) spouse visa applications. Therefore, the UK spouse visa processing time after biometrics 2019Q2 for 97.59% of straightforward entry clearance applications with standard (norma) service was within 60 working days. However, 7% of spouse visa applications from USA remain outstanding even after the stipulated 120 days. Applied for spousal visa (husband) – none priorityBiometrics 21/01/2020Email received that application has been received on 10/02/2020No calls made to the employerInterview for both myself and husband on 21/02/2020VFS mail received 19/03/2020 to collect passportVisa Granted. The processing time will end when your passport is ready for collection. No. Accordingly, of the remaining 2,864 straightforward applications, 2,801 UK partner/spouse visa ILR applications decided within 6 months. Therefore, UK priority spouse visa processing time 2019Q3 for 90.32% of straightforward entry clearance applications was within 30 working days. Moreover, in Jan 2020 the UK spouse visa processing time from DHS VAC, United States, for 43%, 93%, 96% and 100% were within 30, 60, 90 and 120 working days, respectively. And, 73% and 84% of the applications from Karachi, Pakistan, decided within 60 and 120 working days, respectively. The previous timeline thread is archived. Moreover, applicants can purchased the £573 settlement priority service for fast tracking the UK fiance visa processing time within 30 working days. Moreover, in Jan 2020, UK spouse visa processing time from Istanbul, Turkey, for 34%, 87% and 95% of partner/family settlement applications was within 30, 60 and 90 working days, respectively. Therefore, the UK spouse visa processing time from Turkey, is quite normal and not many applicant are experiencing delays. Apparently, more than 60% of the applicants are fast-tracking their applications by using the priority service. Online application date: 3rd January 2019Biometrics: 8th of January 2019Application received by UKVI (being prepared for ECO): 16th of January 2019Documents returned: 27th March 2019Escalated by emailing UKVI: 2nd of April 2019. However, 37 application refused as invalid and 219 spouse ILR applications were non-straightforward (complex). Therefore, nearly more than 40% of the applicants purchased the priority service for fast-tracking the UK spouse visa timelines from the US. And obviously the application, proof of payment, etc. However, applicants can still fast track their spouse visa extension applications by purchasing the £800 super-priority service (aka same-day and ILR Premium Service) to enable processing within 24 hours.

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