I still have a copy. Like the Lizardmen, the Shishell had a caste-based society. Thus, in contrast to the forces of the Imperium of Man, a T'au army encountered on the battlefield may feature a wide menagerie of different alien races, working together for the Greater Good (or at least, as mercenaries working together for payment from the T'au). In the Chapter Approved section of the games Workshop website, there are basic rules for Tau Human Auxiliaries. Meanwhile, the T'au had a rude awakening that the galaxy was not empty and theirs for the taking, but mostly controlled by the Imperium of Man, which even with its attentions divided between multiple alien threats controlled vast military resources. The T'au can be ruthless with alien cultures who don't fit into their utopian society. Those humans who have joined the Tau Empire have been provided with the technology required to prevail on the Tau frontier. These humans, often the descendants of troops captured or abandoned during the abortive Damocles Crusade, now live and fight alongside the Tau. I was merely asking what you people thought of having an army of humans made using the Tau Codex. Desinging new Auxillary units sounds like a great idea. Their weapons aren't as good, at least most aren't, but I believe two guys in the squad can have pulse weapons. The caste system became part of the new Tau race. Tau Human Auxileries - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. So with apocalypse and all I have found the Tau lacking severely in fire power. The old rules were 10 man squads, flak armor and lasguns. The Tau Human auxiliary rules were very limited. The T'au evolved as hunter-gatherers in the arid plains and desert environments of their homeworld, T'au, though they eventually spread to all ecological regions of the planet. Unfortunately, the expedition was eventually cut off from contact with the rest of the T'au, no less thanks to Farsight's unusual sense of independence. Were they made legal for all games, or are they still just a chapter approved option? Notably, the Tau are at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to close combat, as their standard infantry lacks any melee weapons. FW being your favourte Fire Warrior...suberb to Human Aux in nearly all ways...and 4pts more expensive..but You get S5 gun with 30" and Sv4+...now beat this. I raed somewhere (if I can find it again) that the wings used by the Yeld spyre ganger from Necromunda may have been an early prototype sold to the by the Tau. They have limited production capabilities, allowing them to construct equipment ranging from simple farming tools to a copy of the standard issue Imperial lasgun. I mean purge the unclean! They have this whole section on using the guards doctrines to field themed armies like chaos traitor guard, genestealer cults and of course tau auxiliaries. The primary weapon for Fire Warrior teams are the Pulse Rifles, and the Pulse Carbine, a smaller, shorter-ranged version of the Pulse Rifle that is equipped with an underslung "photon grenade" launcher that can pin down enemy infantry. Well, I'm hoping to be able to use some Leman Russes (or god forbid a Baneblade). rules. Thats it, everyone else has lasguns &. Sergeants could have a pulse carbine. This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 13:09. Eldar army, using 'human shield' tactics? The Shishell had five castes: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. This development was eventually seen as too disparate from the traditional dystopic atmosphere of the rest of the setting. They are named after the elements of nature, which reflect the characteristics of each caste. I think yu would make the bulk of your troops auxileries though. Reports vary on the exact conditions of the alien races working for the T'au themselves, ranging from that they are full allies within the Empire, to that they are mercenary armies hired out by the T'au to aid in the umbrella of protection the T'au military provides their region of space, to reports that these "auxiliaries" are glorified slaves. Each of the groups fought the others, with plains-T'au raiding the cities of the builder-T'au, and rival builder-T'au cities attacking each other. If your that concerned about the rules, use the new dex discplines and give everybody carapace armor? If they expand their emire, they will probably need the extra manpower to garrison these newly occupied worlds. Tau are a playable race in the second expansion pack. He also began questioning past decisions that he previously thought were necessary sacrifices but now seemed to be influenced by the Ethereals. Auxiliaries. When the T'au first started expanding to other star systems, they thought they were the only technologically advanced race in existence, and that it would be effortless to expand their reach throughout the rest of the galaxy. The culture of all T'au castes is influenced by terminology and mindsets related to a hunting context (to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the caste). "killing blow", favouring quick decisive strikes) and the alternative strategy known as the "Kauyon" (lit. While on the surface the T'au may seem like wonderful altruists, especially when compared to the extremely brutal Imperium of Man, the fiction shows many sinister undertones. Since the setting of the Eye of Terror Worldwide Campaign was on the opposite side of the galaxy from the Tau Empire, and published materials had previously established that the Tau have limited faster-than-light capability, a separate 'mini-campaign' was held specifically for Tau players.

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