Store boxes, containers and portable equipment 12-18 inches off the floor in sheds, carports, garages, basements, and crawl spaces. Our most common venomous snake, though still very  rarely seen. Brownish-gray to black with 3 yellow stripes down length of body. These include the vast majority of all snakes in the world. On very smooth surfaces, like fine sand or glass, nearly all snakes will extend their bodies forward at some angle to the direction they seem to intend to travel, then lift their head and move their body forward in a series of "sideways" loops. Up to 5 feet long. Most snakes move in a side-to-side, "S-shaped" (serpentine) path, pushing against rocks, plants, or other structures as their muscles contract in waves. Both males and females look identical. Kiawah Island, SC Venomous Snakes. 6-13 inches.

Striking diamond-shaped pattern on top shell. Live snake trapping is a snake control method that is used with V-shaped fences and at den entrances. These devices help keep terrapins out of crab traps and will also help you catch more crabs. Non-venomous. Large head streaked with light coloration. Bright greenish-yellow.

All the others belong to the viper family (Viperidae) and the "pit viper" subfamily (Crotalinae). Beautiful, uncrowded beaches, 5 fantastic golf courses, great bike trails that take you all over the island, beautiful parks and playgrounds for little ones, a nice shopping village with several good restaurants just off the island, and lots of big, beautiful homes to gaze at. As a rule, predatory species such as bobcats have a much larger home range than prey species such as deer and rabbits. When nests begin to hatch, additional volunteers patrol sections of beach daily to check for emergence of hatchlings.

Up to 5 feet long. Even the most venomous snakes have natural enemies, including: predatory mammals (e.g., foxes, badgers), birds (e.g., hawks, roadrunners), and other snakes (e.g., king snakes, racers). Their hide is very rough and covered in heavy blackish-colored scales. Venomous snakes feed on rodents and other small mammals, but they almost never kill or eat enough to have much effect on even moderate populations of such pests.

Drift fences direct the snakes to a wire mesh funnel trap. Partly developed replacement fangs grow in a row behind each primary fang (hidden under a flexible sheath). Of over 2,500 species of snakes in the world, only about 375 are venomous. Large, triangular head.

This is called side-winding. Often confused with the venomous copperhead. Remove driftwood, logs, and brush along ponds, and other  waterways.

Non-venomous snakes have a round eye pupil and have no pit between the eye and the nostril. These animals often have to be destroyed. Depending on the species and circumstances, a nonvenomous snake may react in one of several ways when threatened: it may lay on its back and play dead, hiss, open its mouth in a threatening manner, coil and strike, or bite (nonvenomous snakes have several rows of short recurved teeth). Thus, when a snake outgrows the skin it’s in, it simply sheds the outer layer and starts fresh.”. Bury the bottom edge 4-6 inches in the ground. Adult females come ashore to lay clutches averaging 120 eggs. Fairly common on all parts of the island.

have two rows of scales on the underside of the tail from the vent (anus) to the tip. Habitat modification and physical exclusion (as with many other pests) are the most effective long-term methods for discouraging snakes from frequenting areas around buildings. The amount of land needed by an animal to find these four requirements is known as its home range.

Kiawah Island ligt op ongeveer 4 m boven zeeniveau. Venoms of these snakes have not been well studied. Any snake which is caught on a glue board can be released by applying vegetable oil (while wearing heavy gloves, of course) to loosen the glue. Commonly seen basking on logs and banks. Eats rats, mice, birds, and lizards. ... Kiawah Island, SC (843) 768-9166. While looking for the snake you should try to determine how it got into the house (through vents, holes, etc). When inspecting property with potential snake infestations, follow these precautions: Most snakes (especially venomous ones) are not considered threatened or endangered, but they are important in their local ecosystems, and should not be killed unnecessarily. If you are bitten, move away to avoid multiple bites (even nonvenomous snake bites can hurt and may become infected). Small and slender. Brownish-yellow with red or orange blotches on back. Non-venomous. Notes. The pupil (black part of the eye) is vertically elliptical; in bright light it may be almost a vertical line. BRDs can be obtained from the Night Heron Park Nature Center (768-6001). Black in color, often with a white chin. They do not breed inside houses, but have been known to lay eggs or bear live young in or under foundations. The Town of Kiawah Island encourages the use of Bycatch Reduction Devices (BRD) on all crab traps. Kiawah has become our favorite vacation spot.

Linksy Cassique -- Watson's only North American design credit and the more critically acclaimed of the two layouts -- followed in 2001. Of about 116 species of snakes native to the U.S., only 19 are dangerous. Remove or store firewood, lumber, rock piles, pallets and old equipment 12-18 inches off the ground and away from buildings. Eats rats, mice, birds, lizards, amphibians, and other snakes. A large joint international effort was started in 1990 to prevent this pest from becoming established in Hawaii and other Pacific islands.

Coral snakes are in the Family Elapidae. All other den openings must be sealed. 4475 Betsy Kerrison Pkwy, Kiawah Island, SC, © 2020 Town of Kiawah Island, South Carolina, Photos provided by Kiawah Photography Club, Emergency Ordinance 2020-09.1 - Face Mask Ordinance and other restrictions Extended | Help Save our bobcat population - CLICK HERE. Do not approach within striking range (usually about 1/3 of the snake's body length) while attempting to identify, kill, or capture snakes, until you are property trained and equipped. Non-venomous. Although these characters are common to all pit vipers, there are some very venomous snakes that DO NOT have them. Eats mainly amphibians. “A few days before a snake sheds, its eyes will look blue in color, and during this time, the snake has a tendency to be more easily agitated because it can’t see very well.”. Many strikes and bites, which occur when a snake is disturbed ('provoked' bites), are strictly defensive ('dry') and very little or no venom is injected. Similar in appearance to cottonmouth, but can be distinguished by oval head and round pupils. Black in color, often with a white chin.

Reprinted from the National Pest Management Association's NPMA Pest Management Library. Copper or pinkish with reddish-brown, hourglass-shaped crossbands. Contact the appropriate Natural Resources or Fish and Wildlife Department for legal and preferred control procedures, and to obtain any special permits needed. Examples of this group include coral snakes of the Americas; cobras of Africa and Asia; kraits of Asia and Australia; and sea snakes in all the oceans (mainly tropical; rare in polar seas). Young have bright blue tail. Deer travel in groups, so if you see a deer near the roadway, slow down, because there are likely to be others nearby. Long and slender. Artificial light from homes behind the dunes can attract turtles leading to their demise. They hibernate in the winter and may also be inactive periodically during hot summer weather.

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