ExtractionTek Solutions, since its inception in 2011, has helped setting standards and pushing the cannabis extraction industry in numerous capacities. The Poseidon uses a modular material column, allowing users to choose a 2 or 5lb capacity. Whole nugs, small nugs, and trim can be used in the … The Poseidon has been reviewed using the following codes: NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code 2014 Edition, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII 2013 Edition. [CDATA[\ndocument.addEventListener(\"DOMContentLoaded\", function() {\n CalculatorApp.init();\n });\n \n var CalculatorApp = {\n init: function() {\n this.bindEvents();\n this.updateSelectedMaterial();\n this.setInitialState();\n },\n \n bindEvents: function() {\n jQuery('#materialSelector').on('change', this.handlers.updateVolumeResult.bind(this));\n jQuery('#volumeCalculator').on('input', [jQuery('#radiusInput'), jQuery('#lengthInput')], this.handlers.updateVolumeResult.bind(this));\n jQuery('#poundsOfButaneInput').on('change', this.handlers.updateButaneCansResult.bind(this));\n },\n \n updateSelectedMaterial: function() {\n this.selectedMaterial = jQuery('input[name=\"materialSelect\"]:checked').val();\n jQuery('.materialName').each(function() {\n jQuery(this).text(CalculatorApp.materialNameToString(CalculatorApp.selectedMaterial));\n });\n jQuery('.materialSpecificGravity').each(function() {\n jQuery(this).text(CalculatorApp.constants.SPECIFIC_GRAVITIES[CalculatorApp.selectedMaterial]);\n });\n },\n \n setInitialState: function() {\n this.setButaneLbsColumn();\n this.handlers.updateVolumeResult();\n this.handlers.updateButaneCansResult();\n },\n \n setButaneLbsColumn: function() {\n jQuery('.butaneCanWeight').each(function(index) {\n jQuery(this).text(CalculatorApp.butaneCanWeightValues[index])\n });\n },\n \n materialNameToString: function(materialName) {\n if (materialName === 'isobutane') return 'ISO-Butane';\n return materialName.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + materialName.slice(1);\n },\n \n decimalPlaces: 3, \/\/ set the number of decimals you want in calculation results\n \n selectedMaterial: 'butane', \/\/ default state\n \n butaneCanWeightValues: [0.55556424, 0.3968316, 0.264554, 0.1984158], \/\/ default state\n \n constants: {\n RECOMMENDED_CAPACITY: 0.8,\n POUNDS_PER_GRAM: 0.00220462,\n WEIGHT_OF_H2O: 0.036,\n SPECIFIC_GRAVITIES: {\n butane: 0.601, \/\/ at 70 deg F\n isobutane: 0.563, \/\/ at 60 deg F\n propane: 0.495 \/\/ at 70 deg F\n }\n },\n \n handlers: {\n updateVolumeResult: function() {\n CalculatorApp.updateSelectedMaterial();\n \n var radius = jQuery('#radiusInput').val();\n var length = jQuery('#lengthInput').val();\n var volume = (Math.PI * radius ** 2) * length;\n \n jQuery('.volumeResult').each(function() {\n jQuery(this).val(volume.toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces))\n });\n \n var capacity =\n volume *\n CalculatorApp.constants.WEIGHT_OF_H2O *\n CalculatorApp.constants.SPECIFIC_GRAVITIES[CalculatorApp.selectedMaterial];\n \n jQuery('#capacityResult').val(capacity.toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces));\n jQuery('#recommendedCapacity').val(\n (capacity * CalculatorApp.constants.RECOMMENDED_CAPACITY)\n .toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces)\n );\n \n var densityValues = jQuery('#packingDensityValues')\n .siblings()\n .map(function() {\n return jQuery(this).text();\n });\n \n CalculatorApp.handlers.updateCapacityByDensityResults(volume, densityValues);\n },\n \n updateCapacityByDensityResults: function(volume, densityValues) {\n jQuery('#gramsOfMaterialValues')\n .siblings()\n .each(function(index) {\n jQuery(this).text(\n (parseFloat(densityValues[index]) * volume)\n .toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces)\n );\n });\n \n jQuery('#lbsOfMaterialValues')\n .siblings()\n .each(function(index) {\n jQuery(this).text(\n (parseFloat(densityValues[index]) * volume * CalculatorApp.constants.POUNDS_PER_GRAM)\n .toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces)\n );\n });\n },\n \n updateButaneCansResult: function() {\n var poundsOfButane = jQuery('#poundsOfButaneInput').val();\n jQuery('.numberOfCans').each(function(index) {\n jQuery(this).text(\n (poundsOfButane \/ CalculatorApp.butaneCanWeightValues[index])\n .toFixed(CalculatorApp.decimalPlaces)\n );\n });\n }\n }\n };\n \n var acc = document.getElementsByClassName(\"accordion\");\n var i;\n \n for (i = 0; i \u003c acc.length; i++) {\n acc[i].onclick = function() {\n this.classList.toggle(\"active\");\n var panel = this.nextElementSibling;\n if (panel.style.maxHeight){\n panel.style.maxHeight = null;\n } else {\n panel.style.maxHeight = panel.scrollHeight + \"px\";\n }\n }\n }\n\/\/ ]]\u003e\u003c\/script\u003e\n\u003c\/div\u003e"}.

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