This is not drug-resistant tuberculosis we’re dealing with here. Of course we do! The Meridian mother, a well-known freedom activist in the Treasure Valley was participating in a playdate protest at Kleiner Park in Meridian. RELATED: Sarah Brady offers emotional apology to Meridian Police after recent arrest. It starts with propaganda and horrible public policy and apathetic/complacent citizenry. Cannot help but wonder. I am gutted for our country, and for my family as well. They include a link in the article to all of those names. The Stanford University report last week and the other California university report this week indicates that most people who have it don’t know they have it. All rights reserved, If you choose local pickup, please get your gift certificate at our office at 400 W. Sunnyside in Idaho Falls Dismiss, Governor Little to make announcement about COVID-19 in Idaho Monday, Recent decline in Idaho air travel motivating lawmakers to bring it back, Community rallies around local WWII veteran and gives him the trip of a lifetime, Former NFL player creates reading zone at Wyoming Boys and Girls club, Murkowski announces she will vote yes to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, Woman suspected of mailing ricin letter to Trump ordered to stay in U.S. custody, Neighbor borrowing Wi-Fi tips off police about explicit images of children, Fourth person arrested in connection to kidnapping, torture of woman, Investigation underway after 2 pickup trucks are reported stolen. Media Release: Meridian Police Arrest Woman for Violating City Orders, — Meridian Police Dept (@PoliceMeridian) April 22, 2020. The city got the authority when they bought it. If you don’t understand that since the city owns the property, they can lawfully and legally close it, then I don’t know what else to say. WHO is Carterzest. Ask any LEO in your town/city/metro area where they’re from… Few are even from the metro area, and most are from far and round. Welcome to the Treehouse. All the twists and turns and rabbit holes.. Do the good sheeple ever stop to look WHERE they’re being lead to? Is the officer that pulled you over a “Nazi”? Over a month later. Yes, it’s that bad. Would it do any good? Both the parents and the officers said they were “frustrated” over coronavirus-related closures. How does someone like this pass the psychology profile exam and interview without this depravity showing up? Our dear “experts” have underestimated the spread on order of 50-85 times. Phone: 208.258.2280 Also, without anyone else in the family being sick, and the parents swearing “it was the only place we went”, how does the city prove it WASN’T the park? Furthermore, I am sure the people there knew it, because they were there to protest it. We will told it is because of the crackdown on keeping people in their homes but sundance has a very good article about grocery store checkers and why they, out of all of the still employed people out there are not sick. They are violations of oaths of office. Certainly not under the emergency powers code. And how many will die because they aren’t doing elective surgeries? 211 are on the Navajo Reservation portion of the county. Really, not that much (that was off the top of my head…I gotta go check…they were gonna protest in front of her house tonight. The last time this level of “Civil Disobedience” took place was during the Viet Nam War.. One big difference, Big… the Media was against the Vietnam War. There have been about a dozen instances of martial law imposed in the US. I predict this will end up like the Hawaiian Alihi (Royalty) who demanded your life if your shadow happened to land on them. Also from Seattle area: Thank goodness there are some of you here! We are charged with enforcing the law, even the ones we may not agree with, but we do so in a professional manner. Dustin Hurst April 21, 2020 Uncategorized Leave a Comment. Or as a business you could refuse to do business with anyone you wanted to–it was your business. e have been many mandatory evacuations and curfews imposed before, during and after hurricanes.

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