His next best haul was 90 goals in 1990, and that was accompanied by 139 marks.

He also dragged down 18 marks that day. Prior to him climbing that mountain, only two other players had achieved the feat this century – Fraser Gehrig in 2004, and Matthew Lloyd in 2000 and 2001. That was certainly a nice memory because it then did obviously lead to the fact that I went to hawthorn the following week in a full time capacity as a player,” he said. When Boomer first made his debut in 1996, the AFL was full of all-time great full-forwards. This season included his incredible 25 disposal, 16 mark, 15.9 performance against St Kilda. I cannot see his standing atop this category ever being challenged, let alone broken. “That was pretty bizarre,” Burke recalls.

As good as Lloyd was, Tony Lockett was a class above again. Your email address will not be published. He has had the marking component covered in both 2016-17, but his goal tally has fallen well short. The strength to these forwards was always their marking ability. In 1998, the year of his last five-goal game (and when John Howard was in his first term as PM), that feat was achieved 138 times across the league. There is a heap more content coming for members. It’s been done only 56 times in the history of the VFL/AFL, with names like Lockett, Dunstall, Hudson and McKenna making the list multiple times.

“Not sure whether the Players Association would let it go through now! And this “more” may just swing one or two easily swing-able people to the side of Jason Dunstall in terms of all-time great full-forwards. Sumich was unable to climb those heights again. Dunstall finished his quadrilogy of forward dominance with a 123-goal, 166-mark performance in 1993. Jason Dunstall. You see, Dunstall is the only man in history to hit this statistical mark four times. Brent Harvey, aged 37, ran rings around Melbourne and kicked five goals for the first time since 1998. As if you needed another reason to worship Lockett as the greatest full forward of all time, right? Here’s why. Just better. It was a once in a lifetime season. In 1993 alone we had 16. Not to be outdone, McKenna went two from two in ’70-71. With that in mind…. “And Allan Jeans’ 500th game when I’m pretty sure we played Carlton and only won by maybe a point or two.”. Of the current crop of players, who could possibly match the feats of those mentioned above? People speculate whether we’ll ever see a forward kick a hundred goals in a season at all; combining it with 150 marks is the stuff of boyhood dreams – unless you’re one of the players named in this article. Last season, it happened just just 67 times.

Live Statistics. Jason Dunstall A Hawthorn champion and genuine AFL superstar who was Queensland’s first member of the AFL Hall of Fame. As we can see from the graph below, this also peaked in the early to mid 90s but has basically flatlined in recent years. Gary Ablett Senior was one I thought would have at least one membership in this club following his move into the Geelong forward line. His 113 goals combined with 158 marks secure him a spot in this exclusive club. His 111 goals came in a year where he collected 171 marks; a truly great season by anyone’s measure. Plugger managed to pull off the feat three times. Robert Nguyen is WAtoday's AFL statistics columnist. Donohue is not spoken about in the same manner of other gun forwards of his era, but his 1976 season must have been something to behold. Jason Dunstall's playing statistics from AFL Tables; AFL Hall of Fame - Players; Playlist of Hawthorn v Footscray Round 19, 1996 - Dunstall kicked 14 goals in this match 25 years ago this week, Jason Dunstall booted 17 goals against Richmond. Sign up to all of Foxtel Now with a 10-day free trial. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It was Boomer's first bag of five or more goals in 6,498 days (or more than 17 years). Ten Things I Learnt After The Grand Final, 2020 Mongrel AFL Grand Final Review – The Big Questions. We had names such as Brad Hardie (two), Dale Lewis (one) and Terry Keays (two) pop up, along with obvious ones in Peter Sumich (13), John Longmire (nine), Dunstall (eight) and Allen Jakovich (eight). To kick 100 goals and combine it with 150 marks in a season is an achievement that will, sadly, rule out many of the old-timers, but gives an indication as to just how good those who achieved it were.

English Articles. Jason Dunstall marks on the day he booted 17 goals against Richmond. Everyone bemoaned the fact the the game became less free flowing (before this year's rule changes) but we didn't really see a decline in total goals per game. Kicked more goals when retired, played in a more successful team, DUNSTALL WAS A MULTI PREMIERSHIP FULL FORWARD, Locket played in second rate sides. GA=Goal assist %P=Percentage of game played SU=Sub (On/Off) ↑=subbed on ↓=subbed off; Year Team # GM W-D-L KI MK HB DI GL BH HO TK RB IF CL CG FF FA BR CP UP CM MI 1% BO GA; 1989: North Melbourne ... 17.18: 671: 416: 121: 286: 76: 307: 58: 107: 281: 368: 126: 508: 428: 155: 176: 83: 59 . Want more of this kind of stuff?

“It was in the middle of a rain belt, that was the one downside, but you’d get some cold wet days out there where it was literally freezing. He followed that up with another impressive haul of 158 marks and 105 goals.

Catch up and settle in with no installation & no lock-in contract. It was as unlikely a venue as its halftime entertainment for the day, which saw Aussie rocker Angry Anderson venture out into the middle of the ground with then head of the AIS Robert de Castella... in a Batmobile. “I was next to Paul Salmon who was also there and we just both looked at each other sad shook our heads. Ablett began the 1988 season with 59 goals after just 11 games, placing him second on the goalkicking list behind Hawthorn's Jason Dunstall. 150 marks went along with 105 goals for the year as the Cats finished fourth.

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