The various human authors of Scriptu… Answered (John 12:28). 52. Ezra-prayer of thanksgiving (50 words; Ezra 7:27-28). Song of Solomon Answered because of Moses’ prayer and by type of Christ on the cross (Num 21:7-9; 3:14-16). Here, Jesus was thanking God for answering His prayers, and did so aloud so that others could believe it was so. Muito bom, (Matthew 6:9-13). Elijah for fire from heaven (63 words; 1 Kings 18:36-37). In sum, each of these three stories has elements that provide some biblical basis for the Catholic conviction that we can and should prayer to the saints. This is a helpful prayer of confession and forgiveness for when you feel you have sinned and roamed from the Lord. 73-123. 1 Timothy 2. Sailors for mercy (33 words; Jonah 1:14). You are peace.You are joy and gladness.You are justice and moderation.You are all our riches, and You suffice for us.You are beauty.You are gentleness.You are our protector.You are our guardian and defender.You are our courage. 18. 31. Finally, in 1 Corinthians 6:3 St. Paul tells us that we will judge the angels. 35. 208. 144. Jeremiah, accusing God (24 words; Jer 4:10). And very precise. God bless, I am THANKFUL that the Spirit of GOD led me to this website, Jean – Welcome. 46. I knew that You always hear me, but I say this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that You sent me. Quite simply,thank you. 2 Thessalonians Revelation 5:8 - And when he had taken the book, the four living creatures and the four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having each one a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. You reconciled Heaven and earth. 42. Unanswered because it was contrary to God’s plan which was to translate him and permit him to live bodily in heaven until time to come back to earth as one of the two witnesses (2 Kings 2:9; Zech 4:11-14; Mal 4:5-6; Rev 11:3-11). Do you know what your guardian angel can do for you? Christian Standard Bible. Jude, Copyright 2000 (c) by Finis Dake – All rights reserved – Used by Permission (With Minor Corrections), I am in searching about the prayers in the whole Bible for my studies, if it is God’s will I am planning to wrote a book about the prayers of the Bible. 61. Leviticus 6. 163. Get Beliefnet's Prayer of the Day Newsletter! 10. (For now, we have to conclude that the above example of Moses, Samuel, and Elijah might be exceptions to this general rule. As always, from the Catholic side, a disclaimer is in order: We do not need something to be in the Bible in order for us to necessarily have as part of our faith or practice. 4:10, 5:8, 6:9-11). 17. Disciples for boldness and power (178 words; Acts 4:24-30). Jeremiah for help for Judah (81 words; Jer 14:20-22). 176. Elisha for his servant’s eyes to be opened (11 words; 2 Kings 6:17). God is waiting for us to speak with Him.

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