Therefore, the above document is accurate on that score at least. A key event in the history of ourselves and our rivals was the 1909 Cup Final. Celtic have the option to borrow but are in the unique position now where we don’t actually need to. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They’ve released a decent statement calling out the sfa decision, I’m not sure there’s anything else that can be done.

The only way to sustain the SEVCO club is EPL entry and money and CL entry and money. Declare them a new club. This new outfit needs brought down a peg or two. Please consider a donation to keep the site running. IF they survive. Sky is doing a great job bigging up Rangers at every opportunity. Please consider a donation to keep the site running. The tv companies and bookies wanted the same continuous Rangers. Could get interesting quickly…. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. along. I can just see glibby kings next statement,to the fellowship of the renagers…….. “What say you. Twitter; Why Sevco might finally be a dead duck. Celtic ,Sevco and the SFA have been doing this to all the other clubs for years, and I for one can’t understand why the rest of the clubs stand for it. If  you like what I do please consider giving a donation to help me keep this site going. Therefore the arithmetic contained within this document does square with what other sources have told me throughout this case.

as before ignoring them, the answer has been in their hands all Twitter; The unforgiven 3. Except perhaps the end of the Chines transfer window yesterday ? NOT quite true. No other country would accept that as being ” reasonable” …and he would have been sacked. Hebei of China have a £15million bud rejected AND Alfredo rejects their personal terms of £200k per week for 3 years. adidas – '67 in the heat of Felton. It looks like SDI may have agreed to allow them to register the current strips for this season with SFA and also sell stuff this season to fans. I posted last week that IF sevco survive this, and the IF is becoming bigger by the day, there will be cross litigation between SD, Elite, Hummel and sevco for years to come and all the while sevco will be paying EVERYTHING for EVERYONE. That is not to say it cannot revert back to being one. However, that is certainly not how I read it at the moment. Well apparently we received a letter from the SFA in response to our ” protest “…and we were told… Fast forward 12 months and we have… Spineless rats on our board. When Ryan Christie, rightly or wrongly, gets a 2-match ban for grabbing Morelos, whilst Morelos (and Kent) escape sanctions for gesturing to the crowds, and that allegations were made about a pensioner being injured by a coin thrown from opposition fans, without evidence to back up that ridiculous claim by the sevco board, again with no action taken, then her position has to be looked upon as being untenable. For the avoidance of doubt, that sum does not include a single penny of damages that could be due to Ashley for the car boot sale shambles. You are spot, Joseph. I don’t know but I’m going to hazard a guess and say he will at least have doubled his money. A smattering of lower league titles and a Petrofanny Cup. Everything in the order pretty much related to being in effect for Season 20/21. This page will feature links to my site as well as other content. Spectacular as it undoubtedly was for the residents of Montevideo to watch the Battleship Graf Spee scuttled and sink I rather hope for a more Bismark “end” this time. Indeed, when I looked at the date of the communication (February 2011) that was right in the middle of the R12 timeline. It dawned on the spectators that BOTH clubs were glad to fill Hampden for a third, lucrative, game, squeezing the Glasgow working classes dry, and tiding over the two clubs until the following August. Indemities given to both by Rangers will be closely reviewed and Sports Direct may soon be joined in further legal action by others in the supply chain. Now they that is the Board find themselves in a Situation where a “2angers” are back in the Top Flight and with it comes the missing millions-Hence the extra dough currently sat in the Bank- and a chance to also Capitalise in the Transfer Market AND Europe. But my main point is, what exactly do you want the board to do? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The result of that was the Board changed PL’s Bonus Structure to the farce that we have now. The clubs are the shareholders of the SFA and SPFL and the office bearers/directors must run both according to the law. LOL! The other side of the issue regarding Rangers demise was the inevitable loss of GUARANTEED Revenue that the O/F brought in. CRAIG white asking for 2nd class stamp, Continue reading “Rugger Guy looks at the Celtic 2020 Annual Results”, Being a Monday afternoon quarterback is not a good look. I fully expect we will strengthen this month to placate those in the Support who aren’t that bothered about Res 12. Why has sevco player mr kent not been banned. There is a constant Tension because of the simple fact Supporters are emotional Investors whilst Board members are Financial Investors. As much as I enjoyed my Jelly and Ice cream last time around I hope this sad affair drags on till the effects are witnessed in full public view. It’s laughable and unless Kingco get their act together pronto the number of Gerrard followers on Instagram will have little consequence when the money runs out on Edmiston Drive. If  you like what I do please consider giving a donation to help me keep this site going. Longer than your willy, waiting for him posting a letter, take your pick Dave! He would have to provide exactly what has being going on in the background for him not acting. To watch the good ship Ibrox turn in ever decreasing circles, taking shell after shell after shell before listing heavily and sliding to the bottom in flames would be very satisfying indeed. Instead, no surprise, Stevie G’s status as Number One by far as Scottish football’s numero uno on Instagram is of much more importance to the media. “Well Dave, that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into! Entrepreneur tells Dave king, he’s got a cue By the time the January window comes around desperation will have set in (and be even more widely known) What do we do about it…? That’s the money SD are after. Clancy certainly did his best to add on those 15 minutes you think were required. You’ve just put an image in my head I really didn’t want.

Unfortunately, that is a fantasy. Having no Rangers was a double edged sword. Not that I care that much about any of it, of course. Off topic but LOL Grezda let go for an undisclosed fee by the BENNY’S but here is real funny side of it they have put in a sell on clause. The most powerful advertisers have been bookies with a bookies executive on the game board. No doubt Hummel and Elite will have their own legal beagles going over their contracts with Rangers in great detail.

Can’t live without each other and money driving the bigotry to keep the shareholders in clover. And it is only one part of that relationship that gets to make the decisions. Celtic remaining 5 ahead. I don’t think £10m will be remotely close to the final figure. My guess is that the cost of agreeing to that will be included in the bill that SDI presents as the damages. Fantasy football – where the Ibrox club excel! At a recent conclave of the Sevco High Command, I am told that there were several senior voices who were calling on the Conveyancing Consigliere to do the decent thing. Then theres everything else we’ve seeing el buffoon get away with in Glasgow derbies. This will financially cripple sevco for the foreseeable future. Do not feel sorry for the Stenography Departments across the Sea Phil. Hence why the sudden dramatic change in policy.

It is a symbiotic relationship. However, they will not be as creative as the usual output of the Fitba Fourth Estate on this self-inflicted shambles at Ibrox., Rugger Guy looks at the Celtic 2020 Annual Results. The latest ‘news’ sounds like a classic squirrel. Nice one.

Not a fatal blow – but rather debilitating.I My instant reaction to the latest Celtic statement was probably typical of many on the green side of Glasgow. CRAIG white asking the questions about However, Close Bro’s isn’t in business to flog old big screen TV’s, catering equipment and also run car parks. After all, you’re part of a double act that wants to be allowed into that rich sporting cartel in England. They need Sky’s support cos they ain’t getting much love from the BBC are they!? Had to laugh when he commented that he hadn’t approached Kingco for the £8m plus required to buy Kent as he guessed that the answer might be of the negative variety. Phil can you please inform us if you know why sevco told their sheep that they could still buy the away tops on the original day that was meant to be the official date before court ruling and also have you been in touch with the football authorities to find out if they are investigating a club from their league breaching a high Court order/breaking the LAW on numerous occasions HH. A very well placed source at Shirebrook had recently advised me that  Sevco WILL have to pay 40% of SDIR’s legal bills by the end of  August. 107 talking about this. Multi million pound Deal awaits Dave’s signature.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. With certain assaults on Celtic players , if i punched someone at Celtic park , i wonder what my punishment would be. not forgetting “errafishulsportsocks!”, purchased from the wee guy doon The Barras!! It didn’t happen! Meanwhile, with 14 goals and 14 assists, the outstanding Tavernier registered more direct goal contributions than any other in the league, despite being a defender. However, he is Dave King’s representative here on earth so that gives him some cover. TV could Have actually leverage UEFA on board with that. The board of directors are in the firing line even though they may have nothing to do with the merchandising clusterfuck.

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