CHENNAI: Police today registered an FIR against the editor of Tamil bi-weekly ‘Nakkeeran’, a day after angry AIADMK workers attacked its office for publishing an article over party chief Jayalalithaa’s eating habits. for your zealous activity as a Christian missionary. This is known as the Chidambara Rahasya. See Thazhakadu Church Inscription of Chera King Rajasimha, [1028-1043 C.E]. The Church’s investment, besides the time-tested and highly successful strategy of planting Christians in important ruling families through the love angle or as close confidants to politicians, is three-pronged –, –        Donate liberally and in proportion to expected returns to the two largest Dravidian parties, –        Besides generous donations, also get Christians to become members of every big and small political party – DMK, AIADMK, MDMK, PMK, DMDK so that these parties, with an eye on the Christian votebank are compelled to nominate Christians as office bearers at state and district levels, –        Start new Tamil extremist parties and create more and more Tamil chauvinist outfits to make shrill noises for Tamil People/Tamil Nation, for the LTTE, against the Sri Lankan government, against the central government, even against judges of the High Court and Supreme Court, for human rights, against law-enforcing agencies like police and army; in effect create enough noise and generate enough heat to provoke uncooperative and weak governments to either use force or hopefully to surrender to extremist demands. This was the lemon sold to Kashmiri Hindus too in the name of Kashmiriyat. See New Theories in Bible Research, John Dart, Indian Express, dated, Inscription of Chera King Rajasimha, [1028-1043 C.E].

The following trends emerged in Tamil Nadu more or less simultaneously from around the mid 1990s decade and continues till the present –, –        The Church began to invest in television news channels, schools of journalism and mass communication; the Church also pushed for creating the department of human rights in Tamil Nadu colleges and universities, –        Foreign governments, notably the UK and US through DFID and USAID began to fund NGOs in India, primarily Christian NGOs, –        Foreign Christian funding agencies like World Vision, Action Aid and agencies from Germany, France and the Netherlands began to fund churches and Christian NGOs, –        Tamil Nadu is the largest recipient of foreign funds, –        The Church began to fund television soap operas and also financed Tamil films, –        Christians are entering the Tamil Nadu film industry and the small screen in almost every area – as directors, producers, actors and music directors, –        Tamil films and television Tamil serials routinely make reference to Tamil People and Tamil Nation, –        The Church is buying hundreds of acres of land across Tamil Nadu; this is visible even in overcrowded Chennai, –        Christians are cornering a major chunk of the reservation quota in admission to institutions of higher learning and also in government jobs; there are growing numbers of Christian students in engineering, medical and law colleges and universities, –        Churches and prayer houses are being built in almost every street in Chennai and close to every Hindu temple, big and small, –        Churches are coming up even in the holiest of holy Hindu temple towns and they are being allowed by Dravidian parties to come up close to temples, –        Foreign Christian missionaries from America, Malaysia and South Korea have a free run of the streets in Chennai, –        Instigating fisher-folk communities is the Church’s latest ploy [3]. Once penetration into society was achieved, the cancer called the local resident missionary began to spread the disease in the body. From moonshoot to balconing: discover the latest words added to the Collins Dictionary. Chidambaram town was known as Tillai till recent times, Chidambaram being the name of the Temple. No artist of today however great, could more exactly or more wisely create an image of that energy which science must postulate behind all phenomena.

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