Come riferito per altre precedenti vittime, Nilsen dichiarò di non ricordare il momento preciso nel quale aveva ucciso Allen, ma ricordava di aver deciso di ucciderlo mentre il ragazzo stava mangiando un'omelette. [141] Croom-Johnson sentenced Nilsen to life imprisonment with a recommendation that he serve a minimum of 25 years' imprisonment. Nilsen held this grip until Duffey became unconscious; he then dragged the youth into his kitchen and drowned him in his sink[66] before bathing with the body—which he recollected as being "the youngest-looking I had ever seen. This is a traditional Irish song arranged by Clannad.
Inoltre, invitò il ragazzo a mangiare a casa sua. To Nilsen, this ruse created the ideal circumstance in which he could visually "split" his personality: in these masturbatory fantasies, Nilsen alternately envisaged himself as being both the domineering and the passive partner. MacKeith testified as to how, through a lack of emotional development,[135] Nilsen experienced difficulty expressing any emotion other than anger,[136] and his tendency to treat other human beings as components of his fantasies. In protest at having to wear a prison uniform and what he interpreted to be breaches of prison rules, Nilsen threatened to protest against his remand conditions by refusing to wear any clothes; as a result of this threat, he was not allowed to leave his cell. [36] Le vittime uccise nel periodo 1982-1983 nel suo appartamento a Muswell Hill venivano conservate in casa, e pezzi dei corpi venivano gettati nel wc. After a brief courtship, he married Elizabeth Whyte in May 1942 and the newlyweds moved into her parents' house. Poiché Cattran era arrivato allo stabile nel tardo pomeriggio, lui e Wheeler decisero di rimandare al mattino successivo ogni ulteriore controllo. They slept in separate beds, and both began to bring home casual sexual partners. Superate le selezioni, fu distaccato per l'addestramento ad Aldershot. [65] Per oltre una settimana dopo l'assassinio di Howlett, il collo di Nilsen portò i segni delle dita del ragazzo.[66].

In agosto, dopo un'ennesima relazione fallita, arrivò alla conclusione che il suo personale stile di vita era d'ostacolo alla sua professione. According to Nilsen, upon being transferred to Brixton Prison to await trial, his mood was one of "resignation and relief", with his belief being that he would be viewed, in accordance with law, as innocent until proven guilty. On one occasion, Nilsen and a German youth drank themselves into a stupor. The album features songs in both Irish Gaelic and English, including a cover version of Bonnie Dobson's "Morning Dew", as well as many traditional Irish songs. Il lavoro di poliziotto gli piaceva, anche se gli mancava quel senso di cameratismo presente nell'esercito. I want to get it off my chest.

Inizialmente, Nilsen e Gallichan ebbero buoni rapporti domestici; ma entro un anno di convivenza a Melrose Avenue, la relazione tra i due uomini cominciò a deteriorarsi. He also exchanged letters with numerous people who sought his correspondence.

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