In Book 1, Chapter 14, if you allow Miss Daly to speak with him, she can confess her feelings to him.

(He does this spontaneously if you only encouraged Briar to him over time in Book 2) If you do, they wed moments later in the church where you and the former Duke Richards started to exchange nuptials. , Like the punch buggy game we played as kids, the inhuman sound that came out of my mouth during this scene was terrifying (i’m so HAPPY), this is an edmund marlcaster defense squad blog. Book 1, Chapter 2 First Appearance 25 It was a great honor. Status

When Edmund first came to Edgewater after his mother married the Earl, the young boy locked himself in his chambers and refused to speak to his new stepfather for weeks. He’s lost two fathers now. Hair Color When you two were children, everything was a competition. Ever since his brother’s "death", he felt alone with no one supporting him. Telling them your marrying Miss Parsons lol, Huh. In Book 1, Chapter 14, if you allow Miss Daly to try to reason with Mr. Marlcaster, she reminds him of the story he told her about the Earl. Desire & Decorum

I was drunk last night and posted that Mr. Marlcaster can get it. Choices: Stories You Play Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. And then deleted it out of shame.

If you have a good relationship with him, in Book 2, Chapter 2, he tells you that he will help you try to break your engagement to the Duke because you are his sister, not because he hopes to take Edgewater away from you. there is no way i’m choosing my grandmother who put me in a marriage with a traitor or my half brother who didn’t believe me for months and brought another traitor to my house. After he breaks his engagement with Miss Sutton, if your relationship with him is high and you choose to speak to him, he tells you that he has never had a sister before but that he thinks he will take to it easily. It takes him a while to realize what he needs to do to be his own man. I won’t pretend to know Mr. Marlcaster’s heart, but I have to hope that he’s more like the man who raised him, whom he calls Father as he runs into the room to see him one last time, and less like his mother, who may very well have orchestrated this sad scenario. Edmund's relationship with your character depends on the player.

It was on nights like this, when he sat lost and lonely by the fire, drink his only … Blue In Chapter 16, you can encourage him to propose to Briar despite his mother's feelings regarding the matter. Vincent Foredale is Edmund's stepfather.

First Appearance While Harry was the one to shoot for meat, Edmund and Annabelle started a competition between them to shoot pine cones off branches. Ruled by … It's an English version of the surname O'Dalaich (which means child of Dalach). Eye Color Desire & Decorum Family Book 1, Chapter 1

Series Info Family Age The surname Daly is of Irish origin and means "one who is present at assemblies".

When Briar and you were younger, she would try to gain access to Pavarti's locked liquor cabinet. But now am fully sober and I stand by my earlier statement (especially after seeing your screenshots lol). Full Name Either way, I feel for him in this moment of shared sorrow and I’m glad I chose the path of kindness with him. Annabelle, Harry and Edmund used to go hunting together. High School Story: Class Act, Book 3 Choices, Blades of Light and Shadow, Book 1 Choices,, Chapter 3: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, In Book 1, Chapter 6, it's revealed that Edmund is 25 years old when. Briar and Mr. Woods have a flirty relationship as well, and it is obvious from the way Mr. Woods gets flustered around Miss Daly that he has a slight crush on her. He waited nearly two months for Edmund to open the door and when he did, the Earl smiled and continued to tell him what he had missed at Edgewater that day. Romances

In Book 2, Chapter 16, her title card will change to either. He knows her marriage to Vincent was an unhappy one.

Miss Daly claims to have seen a nicer side of him and really believes he is a good person, even going as far as defending his actions when he left Your Character in London, saying that he regrets doing it and that it was all his mother’s fault. If you offer him kindness and treat him like a brother, he can become your ally against Henrietta. Blond Hair Color

Henrietta is Edmund's mother. Edmund Marlcaster, a character in the Desire & Decorum series, is Henrietta 's son from her first marriage. If you have enough manners to see their future, it will be revealed that she names her daughter after Your Character (default is Clara). She is the third non-playable character to have two love interests that are not the MC, the first being.

Just someone who doesnt know what to do and blindlessly follow his mom. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1. In Book 1, Chapter 15, Miss Parsons tells you that he was almost engaged to Lady Jane Hawkins a few years ago before she accepted a proposal to someone else.

Lady Lovestruck (By You, Bk.2, Ch.14) Mrs. Marlcaster (Bk.2, Ch.16; Determinant) Mrs. Woods (Bk.2, Ch.16; Determinant)Mother Goose (By you, Holiday Ch1; determinant) Follow.

He earned his respect and his affection. Throughout Book 2, you can encourage their blossoming relationship.

However, she constantly says that her relationship with him can never become a reality and that she believes that he doesn’t care about her that much. According to Briar, she is still one ahead after the mule racing incident of 1810. However, despite her sweet nature, Briar has a defensive side. Choices: Stories You Play Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. However, since his biological father died when he was very young, Edmund thinks of Vincent as his father for all intents and purposes. However, he is barely interested in her. Lady's Maid Edmund Marlcaster Edmund Marlcaster, a character in the Desire & Decorum series, is Henrietta's son from her first marriage. However, Briar may not feel the same way, because whenever she is asked about how she feels about him, she never gives a direct answer, instead changing the subject or saying that doesn’t really know how she feels about him. Briar is your character’s best friend, and is shown to care very deeply about you.


He did not realize the extent of his feelings about his father until Vincent passed away. Being raised by determined Countess Henrietta, Edmund is very indecisive and follows his mother's every wish.

She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1. If you decide to encourage Briar to wed Mr. Woods instead, you see no reaction from Mr. Marlcaster.

Briar Daly, a character in the Desire & Decorum series, is your character’s best friend and lady's maid. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ever since Harry died, he hadn't felt as if there was anyone on his side until you came along. europeanguy . She is also extremely supportive of her friends and is willing to do practically anything to make them happy.

She shared her first kiss with Mrs. Gibbs' son.

Harry is Edmund's younger half-brother. While Edmund seems to be socially awkward, he says he never had to worry when Harry was there. She wants him to be the future earl of Edgewater. Summary: Mr. Marlcaster ruminates on his life as the heir of Edgewater. Harry was charming and he used to be the center of any conversation. Henrietta (Mother)Unnamed Father † Harry Foredale (Half-Brother)Vincent Foredale (Step-Father) † Your Character (Step-Sister) Briar Daly (Wife; Determinant) Pavarti Daly (Mother-in-law; Determinant)Clara (Daughter; Determinant) Edmund has wavy blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

Yet, the Earl would come sit outside his door each day, recounting the events at Edgewater. Series Info

Alive Before your debut, the last dinner party Edmund attended in London was with Harry. If you think about it, the only one who has actually been mean to the mc is countess noodle head. He mentions how horrible he felt after delaying your groom in London and how sorry he is for Miss Sutton's rumors. Edmund Marlcaster

However, he isn't ill-minded and, as it turns out, he doesn't like most Henrietta's decisions. In Book 1 Chapter 14, it is revealed she knows how to pick a lock.

Because of this great bond, Briar volunteers to be your Lady’s Maid so that you can spend even more time together.

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