It’s always fun to have a new project to customize for readers! The objective of this is to ensure that the line is placed down the center of your post. Lots of good info on Mason Bees too! You can conveniently make use of a 5/16-inch diameter drill bit.

Find the center of the side and make a mark on the center of the second and fourth boards. One of the types of bees common in the UK and US is the mason bee. Just enter your email and we'll send them to you. All they bring to the party is flower power—and plenty of it! Twist your screws down just a tad so that they are screwed securely into the block but so you still have that mid-century angle we are going for. The aim for installing this removable back section is to make cleaning of the debris from the tunnels possible after the mason bees might have left the nest. You’ll have a little extra when you’re done.

They are a type of native bee that’s common throughout most of the U.S. 1 way to draw mason bees to your garden is to earn a very simple mason bee paper tube. This has got to be the coolest bee house I’ve seen. This is necessary so as to prevent any form of elemental distractions of the mason bees inside their nest. Take four of those cuts and glue them together with wood or gorilla glue.Make sure your ends and edges are even and flush. They aren’t an aggressive species since they aren’t making honey that they have to protect so it’s very unlikely that they’ll bother you. One way to help our your neighborhood pollinator is to build a Mason Bee House! Care must also be taken to ensure that the house is given adequate protection for it to last the expected duration of two years. After you are through with the drilling; make sure the rough edges are smoothed out. I’m thinking of gifting the supplies and instructions to my dad for his birthday as he’s always wanted something like this. Take it up by drawing a center line which will go down the length of the pine board.

You will get the same results, the difference is in the speed of the mechanical device as compared to that of the hand-held drill. Please leave your comment. Add your D-rings to the back of your bee home. ha ha I love bees and I’m all about helping them survive. Make sure it’s centered with a little overhang on each end. You will need to do this with the aid of some weather-resistant screws so as to make it as durable as it can possibly be. This will get you started with the holes and make it easier to get uniform coverage and make it easier for you to use your cordless drill to finish off the job.

I just want to survive as well. After you have succeeded in making the house; there is the technical aspect of how best to hang the mason bee house.

Participated in the Cardboard Contest 2017. The build took me about an hour. We’re going to be drilling through the sides of each board so that we aren’t drilling through wood glue.


You have to continue the process until you get to the last hole; it should be about 1-½-inch up measuring from the bottom of the post. D.I.Y. Therefore, you can reduce the stress and burden involved when taking measurements and marking the holes by using a piece of pegboard that has equally placed holes as a template. If you allow water to get in through the top, then there will be the threat of mold taking root inside the nest.

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