In fact, while researchers have recommended a number of interventions, few have been thoroughly evaluated. We can’t avoid conflict with predators, but we can find better ways to respond to these problems when and where they occur. oh yes, i’ve been following you on Instagram and OH MY!! My daughter got busy with her pencils and coloured in this example: I hope you (and your kids!) emails containing all the info on new products, sales, giveaways, special offers and the occasional behind the scenes sneak peak of what’s on my drawing board! Whoops! All rights reserved. A little while ago I posted a photo of a sketchbook doodle and had several requests to turn it into a colouring page, so here it is! Download: Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! (and yes, i hope you’ll be turning all those coffee cups into another coloring page). To some extent, strategies can (and should) be based on the intuition and experience developed by individuals who have spent years interacting with animals in a particular place. ALPINE, Calif. (CNS) - Lions Tigers & Bears, a big cat and bear sanctuary in East San Diego County, announced Thursday it has reopened for public and member visits. This was inspired by a weekly Instagram drawing challenge and as soon as I saw that the prompt was “exotic animals” all I could think was ‘lions and tigers and bears’ (oh my!). WATCH LIVE: BREAKING NEWS AND CONTINUING COVERAGE. Please reload the page and try again. We admire their power and respect their role atop the food chain, but we fear their impacts on our livelihoods. Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. City News Service contributed to this report. thank you so much! enjoy it, happy colouring! The success rate of other approaches, such as conservation education and community-based tourism initiatives, was much lower. Add a touch of hand-drawn whimsy to your scrapbook pages, craft projects and teaching resources with these fun illustrations! However, carnivores themselves typically face the most dire consequences. Really fun!! If you have been following me over on Instagram you might have seen some of my recent sketchbook pages and kawaii style doodles I’ve been playing around with! Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Lincoln Larson, assistant professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management in NC State’s College of Natural Resources. Competition for limited land and resources is pushing people and predators into a state of nearly continual conflict. "Our sanctuary is different than most zoos and animal facilities -- especially those featured in Netflix's chaotic Tiger King docuseries -- as we are a strict no-contact facility," said Bobbi Brink, Lions Tigers & Bears founder and director. Thanks so much for commenting , Brilliant colouring page really cute, thank you. The overall message is clear: many different interventions are being employed across the world to address human conflict with large carnivores, but very little peer-reviewed evidence is available. For lions, tigers, bears and a suite of other predator species, coexisting with humans is increasingly difficult. We know that what works typically depends on the species, local community and culture, and problem framing. Thank you so much Kate. Modern mitigation strategies increasingly focus on the social, economic and political forces driving human-carnivore conflict. Though generally more effective than predator removal, these interventions typically achieve mixed results. As recent studies suggest, knowing how to achieve those goals will require a little more work – challenging us to rethink the ways we address conflict with carnivores around the world and inspiring us to seek evidence-based solutions. Other strategies focus on protecting domesticated animals by shifting herd structure, enhancing enclosures and constructing physical barriers, or employing guards to protect against predators.

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