After Ross Thatcher’s last term, the Liberals have been out in the wilderness.

Did we ever have a significant Liberal party? It was less of a party, and more of an individual group under one name. Sask Liberals are a waste of time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Buffalo Party — formerly Wexit Saskatchewan — is led by Wade Sira. September 10, 1997: Glenn Hagel, Speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislature, declares the Saskatchewan Party Caucus to be the Official Opposition in the Legislature. Polls during the campaign indicated strong levels of support for the New Democratic Party government.

(As most, not all a fair amount, of liberal voters would have gone to the Saskatchewan Party in the aftermath.). Here’s a look at the six leaders of Saskatchewan’s political parties as voters head to the polls on Oct. 26.

The Liberals formed government quite a few times since the formation of the province in 1905; but after the formation of the CCF/NDP, they struggled.

He returned to Saskatoon to study Biology at the University of Saskatchewan and received a Bachelor of Sciences degree in 1990. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Gave the power to the NDP in the 90s. It remains to be seen, now that the SK Party seems to be purging centrists and Liberals from their grand coalition, whether disaffected Liberals will turn to an unorganized, but official liberal party, or if they will find somewhere else to hang their hats. However, facing the fallout of a poor crop growing season and a scandal involving SaskPower (Channel Lake), the New Democrat government of Premier Roy Romanow – challenged by the newly created Saskatchewan Party – lost a significant share of the popular vote; winning exactly half of the fifty eight seats in the legislature. Saskatchewan Green Party: Saskatchewan Liberal Association: Saskatchewan Party: Dustin Duncan. IF the Liberal Party here can find a good leader, they'll pick up a lot of those traditional SLP votes, who want a party that's Fiscally Conservative but Socially Progressive. Just wanted to throw out a random thought and see if anybody else wonders why we don't have a liberal party in Saskatchewan? Is it a Trudeau thing? (As most, not all a fair amount, of liberal voters would have gone to the Saskatchewan Party in the aftermath.) By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Alberta NDP did the same, Sask NDP would do the same. Others, will argue that it was the caucus turning against then leader Lynda Haverstock to revolt and form the Saskatchewan Party that was the last straw. The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is a centrist political party in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Here are some other dates of importance in the Party's history: August 11, 1997: Ken Krawetz selected by the Caucus to serve as Interim Leader. The Liberal Party of Canada (Saskatchewan) supports Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team in our organizing and engagement throughout Saskatchewan, and our 14 Liberal … The Saskatchewan general election of 1999 was the twenty-fourth provincial election held in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Likely, the truth lies between those two; Centrist and centre-right Liberals finding the NDP coalition a step too far, spurs on the turning against Haverstock, and combined those two aspects led to the party basically destroying itself.

We do have a liberal party; they’re just a non-factor.

Since 1999, the party struggled to run candidates province wide; and under David Karwacki became a kind of one man party. Where there is no Liberal Party, the NDP fill the gap.

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