For example, participants reported that some undocumented immigrants would not utilize any health care services for fear of jeopardizing legal status eligibility or entry into the United States; they cited difficulties in communicating with patients to allay these concerns. The Policy and Advocacy division focuses on ensuring and sustaining health care funding for medically indigent, uninsured, and vulnerable populations served by member clinics.,,,,,,,,,,–17142.pdf,,, Public Charge Rule, community health center,, Acts as intermediary between CCALAC member clinics and local, state, and federal officials; educates decision makers about impacts of proposed legislation on underserved and/or member clinics (CCALAC represents 65 health centers and community clinics across LA County that comprise >300 clinic sites serving 1.6 million patients. Methods: To gain insight into how federal, state, and local policies overlay and contribute to the experience of health care seeking among undocumented immigrants in LA County, we interviewed 19 key informant health care workers involved in the delivery of health care services, using a purposive snowball sampling approach. “Immigration enforcement is about applying the law – our actions, efforts and resources remain diligently focused on targeting those who not only threaten and undermine our national security, but who demonstrate a repeated and willful disregard for public safety within the United States.”.

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