Think British actor Rory Kinnear vs Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. Eithne: Pronounced En+ya English variation of Lucia, meaning light, English,German,Irish,Medieval English,Roman, Australian,Chamorro,Croatian,Estonian,French,German,Hawaiian,Hebrew,Irish,Italian,Spanish,Swiss,United States,Welsh, Australian,Canadian,Danish,Dominican Republic,Frisian,Georgian,German,Hawaiian,Hebrew,Irish,Norwegian,Scottish,Slavic,Swedish,Swiss,United States,Welsh, English,French,Frisian,German,Irish,Norwegian,Polish,Scottish, British,Georgian,Hawaiian,Irish,United States, Irish - Light; Germanic - Of a noble kind; Bright one, Irish - Light; Germanic - Of a noble kind; Bright one; A variant of Aili. Who knows! Irish edition. ). The Most Popular Baby Names of 1992: Is Yours on the List? Unrelated: Liam Hemsworth is a Liam and a very attractive man. In 2014, other Catholic names made it into the top 100 in one or more English speaking country, including Grace, Zoe, Anna, Leah, Sarah (these four names were within the top 50 in the US), Naomi, Faith, and Abigail. Dream or Vision and referring to an aisling, Variant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or vision, A variant of Aisling (Irish, Gaelic) and the meaning is "dream, vision, An Irish surname, means a slender, slim woman, One who is a very beautiful and dear child, Form of Alana; filled with beauty and serenity, The one filled with love, radiance and kindness, Noble and a manly individual who is powerful, Irish - A virtuous woman; Name of a Saint; Athracht and Athrachta are variant form of names, A beautiful white orchard; filled with flowers. Let's Pick Out a Middle Name for Your BB Girl! If you say that you thought about naming your baby Ireland before Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger did, you're probably lying. Each Miraculous Medal has been touched to our founder's relic of the True Cross and his first class relics of Saints Joseph, Jude, Anthony, Thérèse, Benedict, and … County: Roscommon. Regardless, it's one of the most popular names of the 2010s. There’s very little known about this virgin saint from the 6th century, but a church bearing her name was apparently built in Roscommon. While this is the anglicized spelling of the name commonly spelled as "Eilís," thanks to a certain Billie it’s become a lot more common. It’s essentially the short form of the name Brigid.

Born in the 6th century, Bronagh is well known for the bell from Cell Brónche (the church of Bronagh) in County Down.

Pretty cool, right? Yes, this is a name that’s pretty popular in Ireland, but it’s pronounced "bree-da" and has a fada, or accent mark, over the "I". You know, as in Oscar-nominated actor Saoirse Ronan. Huh, history. Born around 287, Catherine had a vision of Mary at the age of 15 and converted to Christianity. If you're a proud O'Kelly, O'Conner, or Murphy—or you just really like St. Patrick's Day—Ireland-based baby names are a great place to start your moniker hunt. Americanized: Brigit We need you. 48 Cute-As-All-Heck Gender-Neutral Baby Names. County: Roscommon. Whether it’s short for Patricia or Patrick, this name is incredibly versatile as clearly evidenced by Joey Tribbiani’s ceramic dog (Pat the Dog, obvi). Ciara, Cera: Pronounced Kee+ra It only takes a minute. In the 19th century, after a storm, a bell that is said to be the bell belonging to St. Bronagh was found in a tree. Just as beautiful as it sounds, Erin is one of the first names popularized by first-wave Irish Americans. They became popular instead in places to which Irish people emigrated, particularly the USA, probably out of nostalgia for the ‘home country’. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. County: Cork. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Here’s a snapshot that Ireland posted with mom Kim from way back in the day. the meaning of this name is universal whole. This girl’s name means “the stately, dauntless one,” and that’s a high bar to live up to from the moment you were born—but it's pretty! Hello and welcome to "what do I name this baby?" Caoilfhionn: Pronounced Kee+linn The bell can still be heard in the Star of the Sea Church in Rostrevor, Former spiritual director of the 6 Medjugorje visionaries …, St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s trick for patiently dealing with …, This prayer to St. Anthony is known as the “Miracle …, 10 Powerful quotes from Pope John Paul II to fill you with hope, 8 Remarkable saintly teens to inspire your family, 20 million users around the world read every month, Aleteia is published every day in eight languages: English, French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Slovenian, Each month, readers view more than 50 million pages, Nearly 4 million people follow Aleteia on social media, Each month, we publish 2,450 articles and around 40 videos, We have 60 full time staff and approximately 400 collaborators (writers, translators, photographers, etc. If you’re reading this article, it’s thanks to the generosity of people like you, who have made Aleteia possible. © Copyright Aleteia SAS all rights reserved. Names of notable saints such as St. Catherine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila are listed here, as well as those of lesser-known saints. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Variant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or vision. 10. Americanized: Enya The Most Popular Baby Names of 1990: Is Yours on the List.

Brigid, Bridget: Pronounced Bridge+id As a disciple of St. Patrick, Bronagh looked after shipwrecked sailors, and legend has it she used her bell to warn seafarers of any rising storms and to summon nuns to prayer. Americanized: Keira, Keera You’d think this name, which means “little dark one,” would be pronounced "chi-a-ra" or "cee-a-ra," like the "Goodies" singer. Actually, yes, it's Éire, which is what Ireland was called before the country was colonialized by British rule. That's because many Irish names stem from Irish clans (traditional groups that shared common surnamed and heritages pre-17th century), Celtic gods and goddesses, and legit Gaelic royalty, so you know they're unique and hella regal. Comes from old Norse "bjart" meaning bright one or radiant.

As you can imagine, these numbers represent a lot of work. The more you know.

Pronounced "ro-sheen," this Irish Gaelic name means “little rose” and is one of the most popular Gaelic names in Ireland. Use this space for Favourite Baby Names you like.To add Names here ,simply click the icon, 73 Most Popular Indian Christian Surnames, With Meanings, 50 Best And Unique Biracial Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Magnificent And Royal Rajput Surnames, With Meanings, 100 Popular Indian Brahmin Surnames Or Last Names, By Region, 250+ Country Baby Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings, 250+ Southern Baby Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings, How To Choose Baby Names: Top 16 Baby Naming Tips, 200+ Magnificent And Noble Tree Names For Girls And Boys, 100 Common Filipino Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings, 100 Western-Sounding Indian Names That Are Easy To Pronounce, 150 Rainbow Baby Names Full Of Hope And Happiness, 100 Popular Muslim Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings, 50 Lord Venkateshwara Names For Baby Boy, With Meanings, 200 Kanya Rashi Or Virgo Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 165 Futuristic Baby Names For Boys And Girls, With Meanings, 200 Latest Karka Rashi Or Cancer Names For Boys And Girls, 100 Common Chinese Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings, 100 Billionaire Baby Names For Your Future Richie Rich, 200 Latest Mesha Rashi Or Aries Names For Boys And Girls, 200 Latest Tula Rashi Or Libra Names For Boys And Girls, The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile, Australian,British,Cornish,Danish,Dominican Republic,French,Georgian,German,Irish,Jamaican,Kenyan,Polish,Portuguese,Scottish,United States,Welsh, A bird; a living organism of the ecosystem, Australian,Canadian,Chamorro,French,Georgian,German,Hawaiian,Iranian,Irish,Kenyan,Medieval English,Scottish,United States,Welsh, Australian,British,Canadian,Cyprus,French,Greek,Hawaiian,Irish,Spanish. Born around 450, St. Brigid is one of the three chief saints of Ireland, along with St. Patrick and St. Columba. Do you know what your guardian angel can do for you? A beautiful name linked to many Celtic heroines and several saints.

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