Members terminating County service who have completed five years of service, may elect in writing within 180 days of termination of employment, to leave their accumulated contributions with the retirement system and take a deferred retirement to become effective either: 1. 6 0 obj <> endobj The statement shows the member's name, address, beneficiary and the balance in the member's account (member contributions and interest). Your attorney is your best source of information and advice. Code Section 31649.5). In cases of doubt as to whether a member is general or safety, the Board of Retirement shall decide. Imperial County Intranet. Death and Survivor's Benefits - Active Members: Member's beneficiary may receive the death benefit in a lump sum or in 120 equal monthly installments. Member must have a minimum of five years retirement service credit regardless of age. Imperial County Employees' Retirement System, El Centro, Calif., committed $20 million to Sixth Street TAO Contingent Fund, said Scott W. Jarvis, retirement administrator. It should be noted that all benefits are computed using your time in the retirement system, not time worked for the County. How to Block Caller ID. Membership is divided into two categories: Eligible employees whose principal duties consist of active law enforcement, active fire suppression and certain probation officers (per Section - 31469.4 Gov't code and resolution of the County Board of Supervisors) are safety members. Employee Online; Imperial County. For more information contact ICERS at (442) 265-7550. Any member who was resigned, or obtained a leave of absence, to enter and did enter the armed forces of the United States on a voluntary or involuntary basis and returned to service within one year after separation there from, under honorable conditions, shall receive credit for service and prior service for all or any part of military service, if, before retirement he or she contributes what he or she would have contributed at the time of resignation plus interest, if the service is not a basis for military retirement pay. Mission Statement: Imperial County Behavioral Health Services provides quality professional services to achieve independence and community integration for individuals suffering from mental illness and substance abuse. An annual member's statement is sent out in January. %PDF-1.5 %���� Applications for disability retirement must be obtained from the Retirement Office and properly filed. Service shall include credited as an employee of a reciprocal system when the member retires concurrently from all systems. By the end of the capabilities within Employee Online AGENDA – Page 1-up and how it is.

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