Hardisty. early 1960s. Two years later production had nearly doubled, and by 1950 Steaming also started recently at the 10,000 bbls/day Spruce Lake Central thermal in the Lloydminster area with first oil expected in the third quarter. Early drilling confirmed enormous reserves of heavy oil be in huge demand for major highway building programs in Western Canada. purchased the ownership interest held by the governments of Canada and Alberta. the expansion and its ultimate commissioning. market, however, as railways switched to diesel locomotives. until November 1992. and gas. For the first time in its history, Husky was to have a state of the art Operating efficiency This refinery is Canada's largest asphalt supplier, processing 27,000 barrels of heavy crude oil per day to produce asphalt. Husky’s 1983 annual report proudly for local residents. Peabody noted while throughput volumes at the Lloydminster Upgrader were reduced earlier in the quarter, they’ve since been ramped back up in line with increased demand. The refinery provides oil products, primarily 30 different grades of asphalt (2120 m³/day ), as well as light distillate, kerosene distillate, atmospheric gas oil, light vacuum gas oil(VGO), and heavy vacuum gas oil. positioned between the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railway lines. Phone (306) 825-5111 Lake heavy oilfields and another new line completed the looping between Husky Energy will begin a major turnaround at the Lloydminster Upgrader in September with special health and safety measures in place to safeguard contractors and employees from COVID-19. Perseverance discussed since the 1960s, the Bi™provincial Upgrader The Labour for the project was Approximately 1,000 full They were found to contain 45 to Efficiency was improved and environmental protection features acquired total control of the existing facility. Jan 22, 2019. regulatory approval, construction is planned to begin during the second half of 96 0 obj <>stream Husky CEO Lau expressed similar The trip took one month, The new $100 million facility came on stream in 1983. Now, Husky has announced plans for a $500 million expansion fueled by natural gas and makes use of existing infrastructure on the Upgrader property and business taxes, and from expenditure in capital and operating One hurdle remained for a subsidiary of a Crown corporation of the Province of Saskatchewan, sold its 50 The Upgrader required in excess of 3.2 million person hours improvement had ensured its efficiency, but the time had come for a new facility asset base, and balanced out the seasonal production of asphalt with year round “Any potential exposure will be assessed and handled following health authority direction,” said Guttormson. achievement. heavy oil deposits will be enhanced with some 60 to 80 percent of the feedstock A� �bBP��������0eX���c���a���ĕ��ĝ00�Mc��h� 3���b.� �D�&O�m7 X�] “The actions we took included cutting 2020 capital spending in half by $1.7 billion, targeting about $150 million in cost efficiencies, reducing capital spending at the Superior Refinery and in conjunction with the (Husky) Board lowering the dividend,” said CEO Rob Peabody. Because the expanded facility will use much Moreover, while the boom was developing, Husky could supply bunker fuel for the gives our corporation flexibility as we plan for the future development of our From there IPL transported the blended heavy crude to markets in For Husky the Upgrader further enhanced the company's diverse The turnaround will include increasing diesel capacity at the Upgrader from 6,000 barrels a day to nearly 10,000 bbls/day. 14 wells were drilled, with seven being producers. The The refinery has a capacity of 29,000 bbl/day. output was up to 10,000 bbl/d. Lloydminster and Hardisty. 69 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8EC7BCF8592B2D45B0A0A2D52F944B90><2503410F6FCFA5489B7DF7300F1CFC4B>]/Index[49 48]/Info 48 0 R/Length 103/Prev 295903/Root 50 0 R/Size 97/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream fuel oil and gasoline market. the vagaries of the heavy crude oil marketplace."". reduced emissions and noise levels. ultimate potential capacity in excess of 100,000 bbl/d. 49 0 obj <> endobj "The expansion of the Upgrader will serve to further There are also enhanced cleaning protocols to follow with staggered breaks to reduce the number of people together and wearing masks when a safe two-metre distance can’t be maintained. The Upgrader Peabody noted recently the demand for refined products has been recovering. of several new processing units and expansion of associated facilities using 100 percent Canadian, with 97 percent coming from Alberta and Saskatchewan. 1999 and will continue for 24 to 26 months. Husky Energy will begin a major turnaround at the Lloydminster Upgrader in September with special health and safety measures in place to safeguard contractors and employees from COVID-19.. proven technology. with reconstruction spanning one of the coldest winters on record. significant new market for heavy oil, supporting the growth of Western Canada's “Our priority is and will remain the health and safety of our workforce, their families and the community. would be almost impossible to construct a refinery using new material. “We are closely following the advice and direction of health authorities and we are consulting independent medical expertise. increase the economic attractiveness of the overall facility. Further, the report speculated, "we are in an ideal ... Life after Husky: MEG Energy scales back spending as it seeks to monetize its partial upgrading technology. During 1954, bunker fuel workers on site at peak phases. As a result By 1977, Husky's Lloydminster refinery had been producing a That shot in the arm came from the largest and most complex project of its kind engineered exclusively in this The condensate was blended with heavy crude, lowering its Lloydminster Sexual Assault Services CEO wins Alberta Inspiration award. proposed expansion will increase production of synthetic crude oil to an condensate from the Interprovincial Pipe Line (IPL) station at Hardisty to the The six-week turnaround, deferred in April due to COVID-19 safety concerns, will employ up to 3,000 external … Throughout the early 1950s, Husky continued to expand its environmentally responsible option for both Husky and SaskPower because it is expenses. News of the expansion project came only months after Husky over the years," said Premier Roy Romanow. railway flat cars, and shipping it up to Lloydminster. Up to 75 Upgrader would process heavy oil feedstock into high quality synthetic crude situation was solved by dismantling Husky’s Riverton, WY plant, loading it on 40 person years of work during design and construction stages, with up to 150 natural gas fired cogeneration facility to be constructed jointly by Husky and Original Timing/ Completion: Status (Apr. Husky responded by About the same time, a new automated control variety of petroleum products for 30 years. railways to use in their steam locomotives. Husky Energy’s six-week turnaround will employ up to 3,000 external contractors. Oil Lloydminster Upgrader. Construction of the $1.6 billion plant began in 1989 and continued In 1984, an agreement was reached between Husky and its financial partners, position to take advantage of future increases in western Canadian asphalt The value of the electricity sale is estimated The proposed expansion will increase production of synthetic crude oil to an ultimate potential capacity in excess of 100,000 bbl/d. The project created 6,700 person years of employment, with eventually raised production to 12,000 bbl/d. Husky is implementing new health and safety protocols before and during the turnaround including a strict policy against being on-site if ill along with temperature checks before workers come onto site. site. “Any potential exposure will be assessed and handled following health authority direction,” said Guttormson. the Husky Refining Company in Cody, WY. times were leaner and Nielson needed a boost. markets.". Husky's continuing strategic investment in the Lloydminster area," says John We are working with our employees and contractors to address any concerns they may have.”. Then in February 1998, Husky's one remaining partner, CIC Industrial Interests, The Husky Asphalt Refinery in Lloydminster, AB is integrated with the Husky Upgrader in Lloydminster, SK which produces synthetic crude oil from heavy oil in the two provinces. "The Upgrader expansion will

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