I believe I thought at first he was someone offering me money for sex, but instead he told me about a movie he wanted to make and that I looked like one of the characters he envisioned. 1979 Directed by Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. Synopsis An Unusual Gay Love Story. We met and just hit it off immediately. In the simplicity of the story and the elegance of its unfolding, Buddies achieves a rare perfection. ", powerful remembrance of Arthur at Talkhouse. I was blown away by the film. Newly preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive from a 16mm internegative and a 35mm print. Les critiques reconnaissent l'originalité de son style poétique, ainsi que son exploration des phénomènes d'identification ethnique et des processus de production des stéréotypes raciaux. Hu Chin [1] (Taiwan: 胡錦, RTGS: Hu Chin, Spitzname Hu Chin, 胡錦); * March 10, 1947 est une actrice taïwanaise ayant effectué une grande partie de sa carrière à Hong Kong.. Comme pour beaucoup d'acteurs chinois, sa carrière alterne des films à budgets et ambitions artistiques contrastés. Among his was Boys, a film about two boys, one sexually free and the other bookish, who meet while cruising in a park and then have sex. Together again, will Larry and Richard find the love they once shared? Hearing that I was a high school senior, Artie decisively said I should contact Van Halsey, director of admissions at Hampshire College in Amherst; surely I'd be scholarship material. John Yau utilise le style imagé de la littérature chinoise pour développer une nouvelle syntaxe poétique. "Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. Unfettered: The Early Works of a Queer Cinema Legend", Pride: A Chronological History of Queer Interest & LGBTQ+ Cinema, Opening the Vault: A Chronological History of Queer Interest & LGBTQ+ Cinema, In the Closet: A List of Minor Interest LGBTQ+ Films. Artie’s porn films had stories and characters. Porn sites have become the new gay archive. Université de Californie à Berkeley, 2006 : boursier de la Fondation Guggenheim They indulge in swapping bizarre personal backstories - and bodily fluids. Stream Now. That sounds like Artie, who liked to unbalance people. 1979 : boursier de la Ingram-Merrill Foundation, modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata. This week on the podcast, we’ll be taking a look at Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.’s 1979 romantic drama, Forbidden Letters.The film has been recently restored by the Bressan Project, and is now available to stream at PinkLabel.TV. San Francisco: 1970 was a heady year for me. Wherever you are. I met Artie at an impressionable age, and he was a better mentor and friend to me than Miss Jean Brodie. If Artie came walking down Castro Street and saw me in the booth he'd stop and serenade me the Nelson Eddy half of various operetta duets, crowds would gather, I'd be mortified, but I was a captive audience. Biographie. I’m sure that’s true of all who knew him. Erotic, explicit letters between a young man and his incarcerated lover recall happier (and hotter) times. So much longing, so many glacial stares. Much like in Passing Strangers, Bressan plays with the confines of the genre — the film has no shortage of sex — openly manipulating the audience’s emotions through his use of cinematic technique. Forbidden Letters. Artie (we called him "Artie," not "Arthur") and I shared ambitions for independence in filmmaking. As Larry awaits Richard’s release, he reflects on their relationship. A couple of years later, I shot Buddies. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 16 avril 2020 à 21:22. — Carl Teitelbaum, Cinematographer of Abuse (1983) and Buddies (1985), Our concluding remembrance of Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. comes from his longtime composing collaborator Jeff Olmsted who was kind enough to share the text of the wonderful introductory comments he gave in 2019 at the Amherst Cinema premiere of the restored Buddies (1985): “Artie could quote at length from dozens of movies. No other American filmmaker embodied the spirit of the gay liberation movement like Arthur Bressan, so it's no surprise that his second feature -- shot and released in the middle of the fight against Briggs and Anita -- moves far beyond the simple utopian romanticism of his debut, injecting overt political messages about gay imprisonment and the emotional tolls of the closet into his love story. Having produced the majority of the footage with his own crew at San Francisco’s Gay Freedom Day Parade, Bressan swiftly edited together the other location footage with his own and released, Released in 1985, Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.'s, Included below is a personal remembrance from acclaimed author and documentarian. I am in the business of putting old heads on young shoulders, and all my students are the crème de la crème. It’s always interesting when films take on unintended new meanings by the time they hit theaters — and this is especially true of Arthur Bressan’s second narrative feature, Forbidden Letters. To book the film contact Frameline Distribution. Check it out. Shot on location at Alcatraz under false pretenses, the scene is genuinely haunting; its dizzying mix of discordant music, rapid editing, and expressionistic photography rendered in cold black-and-white managess to unsettle as well as arouse. Maybe…, “I think of the area of magic as a metaphor for the homosexual situation. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. It is also available on VOD from Vimeo On Demand. Without the sex scenes, these films are tender, provocative, funny and romantic. Forbidden Letters tar oss tilbake til San Francisco, hvor en ung mann og hans eldre elsker utveksler brev med minner om lykkeligere tider og savnet etter hverandre. I think those influences were why he loved using black and white. The two aren’t exactly well-matched, as their friend Iris (Victoria Young in a substantial female role — a rarity for the so-called ‘all-male’ genre) notes, so the question remains: will the spark still be there when Richard gets out? Devoted to the preservation and promotion of the films of Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.

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