Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, Total soil column and topsoil (uppermost 25 cm), Soil moisture index_topsoil_monthly_1951_2018 (66 MB), Soil moisture index_total_soil_monthly_1951_2018 (66.4 MB). The colours indicate the severity of the drought. Missouri Climate Center News; Experimental Missouri Drought Conditions & Impacts Map – Read drought condition reports and see photos submitted by citizens. Record cold temperatures are in the forecast for Tuesday morning with temperatures dropping into the mid-teens to mid-20s.

The UFZ Drought Monitor uses the daily soil moisture to describe water supplies to plants on the basis of the PAW.

Furthermore, animated maps demonstrate the development of drought over the last 14 days and the development of the quantity of water available to plants in the topsoil.

Through precipitation the soil can consequently attain a higher water content than determined through field capacity.Wilting point (WP) describes the point from what that the pore volume contains so little water that plants are no longer able to absorb it.

2010, Kumar et al. Various soils differ in their ability to store water. 2010, Kumar et al.

In addition, the state of the topsoil at a depth of up to 25 cm is shown; the topsoil reacts more quickly to recent precipitation.

This enables us to statistically evaluate the use of our website.

The actual soil depth varies widely across Germany and is derived in the mHM model from the soil overview map. This will likely keep drought conditions in place through this month. According to the drought monitor, northwestern Christian County, including the panhandle, is in a state of “D1 moderate drought.” The communities in Christian County’s moderate drought area include Billings, Clever, Nixa, Fremont Hills, parts of Ozark, Highlandville and Spokane. The two thick black lines show the range, i.e. An external drift kriging approach is applied in this context that uses geographical altitude as additional information. The map changes based on reports from landowners and residents, so the accuracy of the map is dependent on your reports. plant-available water. Your consent to the use of Matomo can be revoked at any time via the privacy policy.

In addition, the years 2003 and 2014 are shown in blue and green.

Missouri Extension Drought Impact Reporter – Report drought-related conditions and impacts in Missouri.

Here  you can access the archive of the drought development since 2014. In addition to the three maps of Germany, you can also access and download maps of each federal state. A description of the model chain can be found in Marx et al.

The development of agricultural and hydrological droughts under climate change at a European level have been published in English and can be found at Samaniego und Thober et al.

The report released by the The National Drought Mitigation Center on Thursday shows the entire state out of any drought category—comparing this to just three months ago when nearly 32 percent of the state was experiencing some level of drought.
September 29, 2020 October 6, 2020 National Drought Mitigation Center Drought Impact Reporter:

The UFZ mHM team received the 2017 UFZ research award.

Legends Germany(PNG, PDF) Effects of global warming on hydrological and agricultural droughts and floods (German version), UFZ Newsletter UmweltPerspektiven "Durstiges Europa" (German version), Age of drought - Modelling of extreme weather phenomena (german version), Dry fields, riverbeds or forests: Heat records are being seen in many places in Germany.

The mesoscale Hydrologic Model mHM, The Drought Monitor is updated every night. The given link does not contain a valid RSS feed.


As soil can absorb more water than can be indicated by field capacity, the possible values range between 0 and (depending on the type of soil) > 250 percent.

At the drought's peak this past summer, a staggering 97.76 percent of the state was experiencing drought with 5.54 percent of the state in the highest level of drought, D4.

Here, you can find out how, Simply upload your photo in the following form:

The 1951–2018 SMI data can be downloaded in Netcdf format.

Soil moisture index_topsoil_monthly_1951_2018 (66 MB), Gesamtboden: Joseph, MO 64506 USAMain Phone: (816) 364-2222Fax Line: (816) 364-3787, All content © copyright KQTV.

Germany (PNG, PDF) )— As of the latest Drought Monitor report, Missouri is no longer experiencing any level of drought conditions.

the value seen in only 20% of the years of a long time series, is it considered to be a drought. We use cookies, which are necessary for the basic functionality of our website, so that it can be continuously optimised for you and its user-friendliness improved. 2016 and Zink et al. Report drought conditions in your area by …

In this context, the “unusual dryness” designates an early warning stage. (ST. JOSEPH, Mo. The pore volume depends on the soil type, density, granulation and structure, among other factors. As of the latest Drought Monitor report, no part of Missouri is experiencing any level of drought conditions. In addition, we use the web analysis tool Matomo, which tracks data anonymously. We saw close to 1 inch of snow here in St. Joseph. This information is based on simulations using the mHM meso-scale hydrological model developed at the UFZ  (www.ufz.de/mhm). )— As of the latest Drought Monitor report, Missouri is no longer experiencing any level of drought conditions.

Updated daily, the maps show you the drought status of the soil in its entirety and the topsoil, which reacts more quickly to recent precipitation, and the water available to plants in the soil. Under the umbrella of the EU’s Copernicus Programme, the EDgE project laid the data foundations for research into future droughts in Europe. The scientific base underlying the UFZ Drought Monitor is the hydrological model system mHM (Samaniego et al.

This comes just five months after the peak of last summer's drought. Missouri livestock and row crop farmers are feeling the pressure from drought this growing season. The scientific base underlying the UFZ Drought Monitor is the hydrological model system mHM (Samaniego et al.

Plant Available Water (PAW) describes the water content of the soil between the wilting point and field capacity in percent.

Germany (PNG, PDF) The improvement in these numbers comes after rounds of precipitation that began in October and has been steady through the end of 2018 and into 2019. Do you have any photographs of drought that you would like to share with us?

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