When tagging or invoking another character's consequences in a physical conflict, add 1 to your attack roll. Spell provided: At the time he crafts this (after To reflect the deteriorating health of his father he takes Dad's Going Senile. Whatever it is, you show plenty of it in your fights. This is particularly true when items are concerned, both in terms of their physical and supernatural dimensions.

Crafting divination enchanted items.

: Your knowledge the righteousness of your beliefs gives you strength in trying times. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy.

Weapon Focus: You've trained to use a specific type of weapon. Just looked similar enough to fool me on a skim. Use your Investigation skill for the Gathering Information trapping of Contacts.

How plausible would a self-aware, conscious viral life-form be? Insert into table, perhaps sortable.

Master of the Sight: You are remarkably good at seeing through your third eye. Spellsinger: Music is magic, at least for you. Sentry: You have the ability to wait, devoting your full effort to watchfulness, for hours on end. You may use your Guns skill to build and repair firearms.

To say that this inspired scenes similar to the novels is an understatement – we felt like we were creating a Dresden novel the entire time. My Wallet Has A Lot To Say: You know how to use your money socially. Use your Investigation skill instead of your Alertness skill to avoid surprise. While having crunchy goodness is nice, using it is better. Unbroken Composure: Your mental strength allows you to remain calm when others would be caught off guard. Add one to your Conviction skill when acting on behalf of that being. Various unique and special beings exist as well, often having some sort of specific purpose in the setting. mental stress per use. I KNOW I'm Right!

If the difficulty of the Resources roll made to acquire something would be increased due to item rarity you may ignore up to 2 shifts worth of increased difficulty.

Wizards are the most detailed of all the supernatural types, and with good reason considering that the entire book series is about the adventures of Harry Dresden, Wizard for Hire. Sponsored Magic

is going to get humiliated at a party if and when they antagonize a socially active character. The Dresden Files offers four different power levels for starting characters, from minor players such as cops and changelings to wizards and knights of the cross.

: You are TOUGH. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Wizards, for example, disrupt technology by their presence.

Attention! You can use, but do not own, a library and workspace of Superb quality. So the rules state max power+uses for one slot is equal to Lore+1 (Example says Lore 4 = 4 power, 1 use), with each additional slot granting +1 strength or +2 uses. I Know Fairies: Your knowledge of the supernatural includes personal familiarity with the fey.

Defensive Lies: You can come up with a counterpoint to any point, as long as you don’t worry about honesty. The Knights of the Cross are clear badasses, with rules that support all of their abilities we've seen in the books. Increase your Contacts skill by two when using it to find someone. You can’t benefit from the same type of bonus from two or more items at the same time (so if you had a +2 control bonus item and another with +1 control bonus, then the total effect is +2). Alternatively, a crafting specialization may be applied to increase the limit on how many bonuses ma be placed on a single focus item (a. Increase your Discipline and Lore skills by one when using them to interpret or control the Sight. The MC in the books does similar all the time. Respect The Power: You have an inherent advantage in social conflict because of your personal power. Having a mix of good and bad Aspects is important for any character, since generating FATE points is a big part of having a good time, and the impact of this at the gaming table is that players tend to be very happy when bad things are happening to their character.

You may use Deceit, rather than Performance, for the Playing to an Audience trapping, but only when acting. Skills can serve a variety of different functions. You may use your Discipline skill for the Avoiding Surprise trapping of the Alertness skill.

Is this for temporary use or permanent use? Money Talks: For some bizarre reason, everyone wants to talk to the guy who hands out money. Increase your scholarship, investigation, or lore skill by 2 when using it to determine the value of an item. Add two to any skill being used to modify Performance. Understand and Defend – Repeat until Sight is closed a. Occult Crafts: There are some things you just don’t learn to build in shop class. Heavy Object Throw: Pure strength can compensate pretty well for a lack of skill sometimes. Long-Range Combat: You're most comfortable when your enemies are a ways away. A full example city filled with NPCs, suggested plot hooks, and examples of every mechanic in action all serve to clarify every aspect of the system.

When you attack with a gun, you may choose to fire every bullet in your gun at once. You may use your Rapport skill for the trapping False Face Forward. Even compared to other wizards. Fortunately, you have them. Add two to your Contacts skill when using it to contact other members of that organization. Authority Figure: You are in charge. In play we found designing magic items to be immense amounts of fun, and those who wanted to do a potion-of-the-week sort of approach similar to what Harry does in the first few books could definitely make that happen.

Member: You are a member of an organization. Boosted Hexes: You don’t get along with technology at all. Since Harry is part of Billy's gaming group in the fictional universe, this style works well and does a great job of reminding those familiar with the setting of various important events. This is a nice way to provide an incentive for Murphy-like characters that are on the edge of the supernatural community while still being plain, normal human beings.

The book does a fantastic job of recommending varied considerations here, suggesting such useful activities as visiting the city or contacting the tourism department, and addressing options for games not set in a specific city.

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