•  Insula Borealis  Simply open up the menu screen and hit Square (PS4) or X (XBO) to automatically apply healing magic and/or items to your party. For example, it’s very handy to give Erik a boomerang at first. Erik is a character in Dragon Quest XI. [Spoiler]: Axes with a big ol’ shield. The Priest will remark that he knows Erik and beckons you to the church, oblige and head inside the back room to learn more about Erik’s past. When Vince challenges you for the top prize at the end of the Octagonia tournament, you'll realize all his attacks will not hit you. Head up to the second floor now and speak to the girl there to discover that she’s the daughter of the woman from Quest 29.

Before you begin helping Erik recover his memory, there’s a few tasks that have opened up to you so for now, sail north past Insula Occidentalis and take a east to dock at Insula Algarum once more.

•  Octagonia  Rōmaji name Note: Although Erik rejoins the party, he doesn’t have access to any of his skills or Character Builder until you finish his scenario so for now, leave him on the bench. •  The Eerie Valley  These enemies are found very rarely accompanying other foes, and you should prioritize them immediately. Following your victory, Erik wanders off to the north, follow him to find him holding his head. The two men fight and defeat the monster, and the curse is lifted. But, in the five years since the accident, the statue has moved. Boomerangs hit multiple enemies and will act as one of your only AOE attacks until you get Veronica. •  The Kingsbarrow  •  Veronica  Hoping to find a cure for his amnesia, the remaining townsfolk direct the party to the priest of the church. DQXI She’s a huge asset to the party, but most of her skills are spells learned from ordinary level gains. •  Insula Incognita  He turns to the Luminary for help, who holds up the Sword of Light and breaks her curse.

JapaneseKouki Uchiyama Dragon Quest Rivals, Dragon Quest XI (Nintendo Switch Version)EnglishGunnar Cauthery Dragon Quest XI Some of the Luminary tree is good for utility purposes. Head through the door to battle the monsters, like the previous battle in Sniflheim, focus on the Gyldenbritches with everyone while the Hero uses Quadraslash to take out the rest of the monsters. The machines in the northwest corner has a Penny Pincher to the left, 20 Casino Tokens in the middle and 200 Casino Tokens to the right. Erik…

Sylvando: Whips. Each day, the two were worked to the bone. After a while, she asks her brother to take care of a treasured pendant in her stead. When caught dancing, Erik may reference the late American "King of Pop" Michael Jackson. In the revised timeline, Mordegon has already been neutralized, meaning that the World of Darkness scenario never happened. Check your Defeated Monster List for rare items that are worth going after. Alizarin is a tough adversary and with a whopping 4800 HP, will take quite a beating too. Erik eventually escapes his captors and wanders the world in search of loot. After a long and brutal battle, Gyldegga falls. In one final memory, Mordegon releases Mia from her curse, weaponizing her greed and anguish to transform her into Gyldygga, a powerful beast that can transmute any matter into gold. •  L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles  •  Arboria  •  The Other Side  The other Pep Power you’ll need is Tempered Tantrum between the Hero and Sylvando, this will require you to learn Flame Slash from the Swords tree with the Hero (it’s only 3 SP to learn this). Though he’s the only one who can wield GreatSwords, Sword + Shield provides a solid boost to defense and good skills. You can set the battle camera for a more fixed and dynamic view that we found more enjoyable. Return to the young boy in Lonalulu and hand it over to complete Quest 36 and obtain five Molten Globules. There, they meet two girls, both of whom are looking for missing persons. It’s done in the most effective way possible, so you’ll never waste too much MP. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. •  Seas of Erdrea  Follow the path through the next door to find even more slot machines. Work your way to the top of tree to get GigaSlash, Falcon Slash, and Dual Wielding. Dragon Quest XI An epic battle between Light and Darkness is about to begin as the Luminary awakens on his 16th birthday. He is a thief who becomes a companion to the Luminary early in the story. •  Items  Take the nearby Vortex of Light to access Sniflheim.

I like this video but felt it left out some important aspects of a skill tree. He guides them to their next destination after a night's rest. As mentioned above, boomerangs are very handy as they hit everyone, but knives have much better abilities, and Erik can eventually dual wield them. •  The First Forest  •  Mount Pang Lai  Note that you can only ever steal one item per enemy. Your first call should be to unlock the Dually Deadly skill at the bottom between the Swords and Knives tree, this removes the penalty for Dual-Wielding. You only need to do this once, and we’d recommend leaving it on for the rest of the game. Following Alizarin’s defeat the skies will clear and you’ll obtain the Red Orb once more. Once you regain control of the ship, be sure to visit The Strand to add it to your Zoom list once more, it’s the most useful way to reach the Open Sea after all. •  Heliodor Sewers  The sisters then agree to come with the two men and find the source of Veronica‘s missing powers.

•  Ruins of Dundrasil  Unlock the doors to the south and then take the northern stairs up to Level 2 once more. Return to the Strand once more and sail far to the north of Sniflheim where you’ll find a Vortex of Light. Erik Erik then proposes going after his prized Red Orb, another part of the prophecy, which should be in its hiding place downtown. •  Erik  At some point, he is contacted by an entity known as the Seer. You’ll need to find the Dulcet Dulse from Insula Algarum that you visited earlier. Erik dives in to save her, but almost turns to gold himself. Mia (younger sister) That’s all for Lonalulu, you’ve accepted yet more quests but for now, ignore most of them and you’ll get to them all once Erik rejoins fully following his scenario. She can also cast Oomphle to massively increase her attack, use Rab to use Blunt straight away. •  Spells  Veronica has the highest Magical Might of any character. A red-hooded girl searches in vain for her sister, while the other girl stumbles into the saunas looking for someone else. •  Grotta della Fonte  You’ll want to learn Divide from the Guile tree too and then with your remaining SP, begin taking Erik down the right side of the Swords tree, working towards the Mystery Panels between the Swords and Knives trees. Begin by heading west from the dock to find a young boy with a mermaid.

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