Again. With more rain in the forecast for Tuesday and possibly Saturday, it appears inevitable that May 2020 will be the wettest May on record in Chicago history. It’s a nearly perfect convergence of neglect, corruption, incompetence, and scapegoating. Flooding caused the CTA to suspend Blue Line service for about four hours between the Forest Park and Harlem stations on the Forest Park branch, according to the transit authority. Park District employees prevented a disastrous cave-in of the Grant Park underground parking garage. IT&T likely paid bribes to get its original telephone franchise,, Why Flood Insurance Policies Aren’t Ready For Climate Change, N.Y. Attorney General: Nation’s Flood Insurance Program Defrauding Taxpayers, Lawmakers To FEMA: Flood Plan Overhaul Is ‘Too Little, Too Late’, Catastrophic Floods In Louisiana Have Caused Massive Housing Crisis, Amazon’s Massive Chicago-Area Expansion Was Fueled By $741 Million From Taxpayers, 5 Things To Watch In The Final Week Of The 2020 Presidential Campaign, COVID-19 Surge Spurs Restrictions On Bars, Restaurants In Suburban Cook County, Families Mourn And Demand Accountability At Vigil For Teen Killed By Waukegan Police. A MWRD spokeswoman said the reversal at the downtown facility had ended by 11:45 a.m. Monday, but the reversal at the Wilmette Pumping station was still in place as of mid-afternoon. The DuPage River overflowed its banks and flooded portions of the Naperville Riverwalk Monday, May 18, 2020. I read dozens of newspaper articles, interviewed a transit historian, and either spoke to or read accounts by several Chicago insiders who are familiar with the workings of city government in the 1990s. CHICAGO - In her second floor office, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas has a warning after her office recently finished a project on property taxes in Cook County. Fall activities that put you at high risk of COVID-19 transmission, PROGRAM NOTE: 'Dancing With Tthe Stars" will air overnight, RELATED: Chicago police monitor social media as crime-fighting strategy; sociologist, ACLU urge caution, RELATED: Chicago police seeking public's help in identifying suspected looters, RELATED: New Chicago looting video released as feds investigate hundreds of digital leads, RELATED: Downtown Chicago business owners reevaluate amid coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest. NPR Reporter Ira Glass interviewed two trainee Chicago police officers directing traffic on their first day of work. The station said “the building we broadcast from experienced severe flooding causing the power, internet, phone lines, and air conditioning to stop working.” The station remained silent as of Monday evening. There was a swirl of water about 10 feet across. The subways stopped running for lack of electricity. Lower Wacker Drive in the Loop — where dozens of homeless people have lived for decades — was flooded. The Discovery Report, Discovery Maps, and Discovery Database are available below to be viewed or downloaded. All Rights Reserved. She was notified by a neighbor and confronted the man as he exited a side door of the garage. After Chicago looting earlier this week, CPD will flood downtown with 1,000 officers this weekend, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot is releasing a plan to protect businesses and neighborhoods. P4. The outage is caused by flooding from the Chicago River along Lower Wacker Drive, that knocked out a ComEd substation. The answer is: Yes, absolutely! Several people in General Services had been informed of the danger, but most acted cautiously, avoiding recommending an expensive repair to a budget-conscious administration. The Chicago Fire Department said it had to deploy inflatable boats to rescue a half-dozen people from the subterranean roadway. In fact, James McTigue appears to be one of the few public servants in the 90-year history of the tunnels who actually showed concern for public safety, repeatedly warning supervisors of the danger. It was not known when the river’s flow would return to normal or how much river water had made its way into the lake, the spokeswoman said. Chicago police are asking for the public's help in identifying those who took part in this week's looting. "This isn’t only a matter of restoring a building, but it’s also a process of reclaiming the dignity of these communities," one community leader involved in redeveloping the former Woods academy said. Conduit is normally an inch or two wide, but the company sneakily built 7-foot-wide underground “conduit” for those cables. In recent weeks, Lightfoot has warned people need to protect themselves from the virus even at home with friends and family. It was full of debris.” Just as it did in 1900, the Chicago River moved in a new direction; this time, it just happened to be circular. The correct figure for physical damages is in a range between $400 million and $600 million. The high-rise was evacuated of everyone who needed to be out. Despite its controversial beginnings, the tunnel system was an impressive feat of urban engineering and Chicago had the first underground freight railroad system in the world. That much was clear from coverage back in the day, and Google can fill in some of the missing pieces for you. The remediation lasted for weeks, and cost about 2 billion dollars in 1992 dollars. We follow the stories and update you as they develop. By 1991, James McTigue, an electrical technician in the General Services Department, was familiar with the tunnels and occasionally led workers from other departments or businesses into the tunnels when they needed access. Entire lower level flooded. A submerged area of the Chicago Riverwalk. On April 13th, 1992, Chicago was struck by a man-made natural disaster. A day full of showers and thunderstorms culminated in significant flooding Sunday evening as rain overflowed the Chicago River and rendered some local roadways impassable. The Chicago River watershed is formed of the North and South Branches of the Chicago River. More than 3.5 inches of rainfall was recorded last Thursday, according to the National Weather Service, making it the single wettest May day in Chicago since 1871. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. IT&T likely paid bribes to get its original telephone franchise, and Moffat points out aldermen expected even larger bribes for permission to build a railroad. How to grab KFC’s fried chicken-scented firelog before it sells out, Florida man received $1.9M in coronavirus relief funds, used money to buy Mercedes, prosecutors say, Second stimulus checks: Here’s where we stand as a new week begins, Tracking the Tropics: Tropical Storm Zeta strengthens to hurricane status as it moves toward Yucatan Peninsula, Man, 25, charged in connection with fatal police shooting on Southwest Side, Power shut off in California as winds, fire danger increase, Jews For Trump car parade stirs protests, fights in New York, North suburbs pass Illinois’ COVID-19 test ‘failsafe’ level, Chicago close as Cook County faces new restrictions, ‘They’re chasing people out of the city’: New property tax report shocks Cook County treasurer, residents, Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court, New program offers $2.1M in cash assistance to suburban Cook County residents in need, Mayor Lightfoot defends proposed property tax hike and more in one-on-one interview, COVID-19 by the Numbers: Cases, deaths and hospital capacity in Chicago and Illinois, ‘My heart is shattered’: Jamie Foxx mourns death of sister DeOndra Dixon. Here’s where disaster strikes. (Our own presentation below explains the basic mechanics, if you’re unfamiliar and your time is tight.). Woman, 67, fatally shoots man stealing from her Marquette Park garage: police. The flooding occured in dozens of underground areas in downtown Chicago after a century-old freight tunnel was punctured, causing water from the Chicago … Across the Chicago area, Sunday’s storms wreaked havoc that continued into Monday: submerging the popular downtown Riverwalk; flooding highways, streets, parks and basements; and causing power outages that knocked some radio and TV stations off the air and closed the city’s tallest building. FEMA Risk MAP Discovery meetings were held in November 2013 and Discovery Follow-Up meetings were held on May 14 and 15, 2014. Concerned that ComEd substations would flood and explode, the City shut down power to part of the Loop. John Foley, of Libertyville in the north suburbs, knows all that, but wants confirmation of something his father told him about the 1992 flood’s origins: My question … is whether or not there’s a secret system of railroad tunnels under the Chicago Loop area that contributed to the Chicago Loop Flood back in the 1990s. By themselves, they make a strong case, but here’s one more piece of evidence that puts the Tunnel Flood over the top. McTigue tracked down the leak, took photos, and showed them to his supervisors in March, explaining a leaking tunnel under the river could lead to a massive flood. According to Bruce Moffat, there may have been one or two city employees who occasionally went into the tunnels, but apparently there was no schedule for routine inspections, nor a chain of command dictating who to alert in the case of problems. I suspect his account is accurate as other accounts from City employees support the details, and many reporters and City Hall watchers believe McTigue was scapegoated. This is a developing story. Well, after reading about the 90-year history of those tunnels and how they came to flood on that April day, I developed a theory I’d like to run past you: The Great Chicago Flood is the Most Chicago Story Ever. Anything manmade needs maintenance or it will deteriorate over time.” The tunnels routinely leaked water from the surrounding clay soil, but those leaks were of little concern to the city. Media outlets also weren’t immune to the storms. In 2012, that city got its chance to once more assert its primacy: Hurricane Sandy caused flooding in New York’s subway system of an estimated 500 Million gallons, making Chicago second to New York. Due to COVID-19, voters are encouraged to Vote by Mail or Early Vote. There were no reported injuries, and according to Ira Glass, “It made you feel great about City of Chicago.”. CHICAGO — Heavy rains caused widespread flooding across the Chicago area, including the basement of the Willis Tower and Lower Wacker Drive. Two men were killed in separate shootings in Humboldt Park on the West Side. Tens of thousands of office workers were evacuated, including 15,000 people in the then Sears Tower. “Luckily, I did not. The only problem: IT&T did not have the right permits for an underground train system. The North Branch Chicago River is an urban river. The area has been hit … The new guidelines were announced by the governor’s office and the Illinois Department of Public Health as the Chicago area experienced its first snowfall of the season. Correction: A slideshow presentation misstated the amount of damages involved with the flooding. The Chicago River watershed area includes portions of Lake, Cook and Will Counties, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana. The resulting breach flooded basements, facilities and the underground Chicago Pedway throughout the Chicago Loopwith an estimated 250 million US gallons (1,000,000 m ) of water. Come on, this is Chicago we’re talking about. While many Chicago stories have some of the elements I list below, I defy you to find another single story that hits all eight. Bars, restaurants in Cook suburbs limited to outdoor service — as owners fight weather, and state battles ‘COVID storm on the rise’, Struggling suburban Cook County residents can apply for one-time cash payment.

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