The degree also prepares aspiring computer scientists to pursue Ph.D. degrees. Students use electives to make up the rest of their coursework, developing expertise in areas such as data mining, AI, cryptography, and information assurance. Members receive access to the IEEE Spectrum magazine, a digital library, networking events, and industry discounts. Students must take at least 18 hours of computer science courses. While the median worker earns $122,840, those working for software publishers earn a median wage of $141,820, and the top 10% of earners make over $189,780 a year. For working professionals in IT or related fields interested in keeping current with skills and technical knowledge, a distance learning option may be the best fit. The society regularly organizes conferences that offer networking and professional development opportunities. Master's Degree Programs in Computer Science explore the structure and expression, as well as the processing, and communication of, information stored in computer memory. Some participants may complete a research thesis to fulfill this requirement and finish the computer science master's degree. Learners interested in another option -- advanced application skills -- receive training in robotics, social computing application, virtual reality environments, and similar areas. Faculty in Georgetown's department of computer science specialize in research areas like algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), database systems, and machine learning. Students complete the 30-credit MS in computer science by taking 10 courses or eight courses and a thesis. Students analyze the importance of missing data and its impact on algorithms. That is the addtion of 50,900 jobs! Admission to the master's degree in computer science requires school transcripts and GRE scores. Established by Andrew Carnegie, an innovator and entrepreneur, CMU conducts cutting-edge research in fields like brain science, big data, and robotics. Admission requires a bachelor's degree in computer science, math, science, or engineering, plus an excellent academic record. Duke consistently ranks among the nation's most prestigious research colleges, and it offers one of the best master's programs for computer science. Master's in computer science programs build on bachelor's-level foundations and teach advanced skills. As with a high GPA, a strong resume increases applicants' chances of admission. Students receive advanced training in the design, programming, and application of computing systems through USC's MS in computer science. Founded in 1836, Emory represents one of the world's top research colleges. Some students enter this MS with degrees in computer science, and others return to their studies after a long hiatus. Admission to the computer science master's degree requires GRE scores, plus a BS in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field.

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