Hornets are from the genus Vespa and are the largest of the eusocial wasps. Behaviour and Ecology. This page should be cited as follows (rationale):Kimsey L, Carpenter J (2012) The Vespinae of North America (Vespidae, Hymenoptera). Vespa affinis: Common name: Lesser Banded Hornet: Family: Vespidae: 18 – 30 mm: What does it look like? Worker reproduction in the higher eusocial Hymenoptera. Paper wasps like P. sagittarius prey almost exclusively on caterpillars, including many pest species. The lesser banded hornet has yet to be assessed by The IUCN Red List (. 3. EP - 65 are the largest of the eusocial wasps. Its most striking feature is its abdomen that starts with a small dark brown band, followed by a larger deep yellow band. The colour of this species varies based on locality, but in Singapore it is usually black with a distinct bright orange band on its abdomen. JF - Journal of Hymenoptera Research Once hatched, the wasp larva eats the stored prey. Name. volume = {28}, | publisher = Pensoft Publishers The nests are attached to surfaces with a distinct stalk. The combs of the nest are open and are protected by a chemical secreted by the wasp that repels predators such as ants. Only females sting. It is a medium to large-sized hornet. Retreat as fast as possible. Do not make sudden movement when encountering bees, wasps and hornet. | journal = Journal of Hymenoptera Research Paper wasps like. Versioned wiki page: 2012-08-24, version 26780, https://species-id.net/w/index.php?title=Vespa_affinis&oldid=26780 , contributors (alphabetical order): Pensoft Publishers. While they respond aggressively to disturbances of their nest, they will otherwise not attack unprovoked. Greater Banded Hornets tend to fly high in trees under the cover of dense foliage. The Lesser Banded Hornet colonies are founded by multiple queens. The populations in Singapore and in the Southeast Asian region are mainly black with yellow only on the tip of its abdomen. Nec Vespa affinis (Linnaeus) 1764. Linnaean specimens. It may be confused with the Lesser Banded Hornet (Vespa affinis), but is noticeably more slender. This could be due to the fact that nests are built on easily disturbed areas such as tree branches and bushes, making it easier for vibration to be transmitted (Lee, personal communication, 2015). Although the venom contains more pain-inducing components than other species, its venom may not be as potent as other bees and wasps (, To prevent the possibility of getting stung or provoking these insects into attacking, precautionary measures are necessary (. [ebook] Uppsala, Sweden: Uppsala University, p.20. Once hatched, the wasp larva eats the stored prey. 4. It is one of the less aggressive hornet species found in Singapore and will only attack humans when greatly provoked. Nests: Its nest consists of pot-shaped cells that are covered with a layer of mud, hence its name.

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