Don’t be a genius and talk to another co-leader or the leader.

Excessive use of profanity will not be tolerated. Excessive flaming or harassment will not be tolerated. Keep in mind, that you're not the only user allowed to have a signature, and be mindful of other users. Any 3rd party program that modifies the game experience in any way is banned. A third offence will result in all of the above, as well as a review by leadership to determine additional punishment. Respect others requests. If you want to skip more than 2 wars, we will kindly ask you to leave and come back later when you’re ready. Re-read this section as many times as necessary to ensure full understanding. This is a requirement to be invited into the clan chat. You may not retreat into a building and logout. BM isn't tolerated in any aspect. Doing so will result in a mute and subsequent ban from the server. Discord wont share any of your personal information. Always respect the elders, they are experienced and know what they are talking about. Before 1 hour and 30 minutes from the war start, you have the right to give ONLY ARCHERS, VALKYRIES or any defensive troops of any level to the players that still have empty slots in their war CC. Limit your clan descriptions to 400 characters with proper grammar and spelling.

Violations of rules, even due to ignorance of the rules, will result in a kick/ban. Made by Folium. Otherwise your recruitment privileges will be revoked. Bad manners include but are not limited to: Insulting of another member, or non-member alike. Combat logging is defined as intentionally logging out when encountering another player in a potential PVP situation. (Friendly banter is acceptable) 1.2- Blatant racism will not tolerated. This could be due to IRL commitments, or retirement from RuneScape. It must always be zero(0). Discord wont share any of your personal information. Bot Specific Rules Any form of racism towards another member or non-member. Fortnite clan 530 uses Gaming ... clan. If you’re not sure of something, ask a co or an elder. This includes merching, scamming and luring. Failing to use at least 3 attacks in 2 wars will result in a demotion or a kick. This clan has zero tolerance for racism, targeting or bigotry of any kind.

Do not jump to conclusions and do not plead steadfast innocence right away. Discord is required, but this may be omitted if a team captain allows it. All characters and accounts must be tagged properly. Once someone has been invited into the Clan Chat they are given a date, of which they can apply for membership in the clan. A. Do NOT spam the Discord with text, images, emotes or GIFs. 5.

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