Philip’s experience ought to encourage us in our own personal witness for the Lord. The enemy comes as a lion to devour, and when that approach fails, he comes as a serpent to deceive. Some went throughout Judea and Samaria (see Acts 1:8), and others went to more distant fields (Acts 11:19ff).

What does it mean that “Simon himself believed”? 1:16,nkjv). The events in Acts 8 center around four different men.

Anniston Alabama 36207 The truth is what destroyed him. A unified family committed to reflecting the truth of Jesus Christ!

Both John the Baptist and Jesus had ministered there (John 3:23; 4:1ff), so Philip entered into their labors (John 4:36–38). Sermons (Right-click and select "save link as ", "save target as", "download linked file" or "download link target" to download the mp3 file to your computer's hard drive. Those wages of sin strike home when the penalty of death is realized.

They need someone to show them the way. “Oh, yes, it is my business!” Moody said; and the man immediately exclaimed, “Then you must be D.L. You can also choose to donate without creating an account. IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON.

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Pastor Joshua Montgomery, June 3, 2012
1:3). -- Walking, Leaping, and Praising God, Part 2

He was born in Tarsus in Cilicia (Acts 22:3), a “Hebrew of the Hebrews” (see 2 Cor. It is this passage that gives us the word simony, which means “the buying and selling of church offices or privileges.”. -- Family Testimonies Angels have never personally experienced God’s grace; therefore, they can never bear witness of what it means to be saved. 13:23). But the greatest enemy is not out there, its inside me! His faith was not in the Word of God, but in the miracles he saw Philip perform; The wickedness of Simon’s heart was fully revealed by the ministry of the two apostles. No longer a miserable wretch wallowing on the ground, but now he goes to the temple and worships! Let him take out of your life those things that were conceived during a time of sin and spiritual rebellion.

No matter what everyone was saying, David got going again. It’s a fact, all great men and women who have done extraordinary things for God and the Kingdom have suffered through some mess, and slugged it out with adversaries and enemies of the faith, mission, and vision. There are moments in our life that feel impossible, Our 2021 Compassion Kickoff is THIS WEEKEND! Church on the Move Sermons Sermons(Right-click and select "save link as ", "save target as", "download linked file" or "download link target" to download the mp3 file to your computer's hard drive. In 2 Samuel 12:18, David prays day after day for seven days!

When its time to move, God will tell you.This sermon deals with staying in the will of God and the dangers of doing things on our own.

We ca, What are you willing to sacrifice to make your spo, What is God trying to do in and through you? A sinner who wants the prayers of others but who will not pray himself is not going to enter God’s kingdom.

A REMOVED attitude says, "It’s not my problem; it’s not my concern."
What is really important is what you say about you. 11:22; Phil.

Digging a little further into Sunday's sermon. He persecuted both men and women “unto the death” (Acts 22:4), entering both houses and synagogues (Acts 22:19). -- Run to Win the Race of Faith His life has been blessed with grace and mercy, mainly because he repented so well! Those of us who are redeemed can not have a REMOVED attitude. -- Garbage In, Garbage Out -- Children of God He was one of the most promising young Pharisees in Jerusalem, well on his way to becoming a great leader for the Jewish faith (Gal. Women's Transformed Testimonies, October 14, 2012 Because God used a certain method to answer prayer and bring deliverance, we want to hold on to that and keep it with us. The greatest spiritual growth comes in community! Seeing spiritual growth as orderly opportunities to fulfill God's purposes.

Deut. Could I submit to you that leadership and anointing is always accompanied with difficulty and struggles that will knock you to your knees; that along with the positive, and productive things in your ministry and family, there will also be devastating blows that will threaten you spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. There are moments in our life that feel impossible, Our 2021 Compassion Kickoff is THIS WEEKEND! New Year, New You.

-- Shameless Persistence Take me back to COTM.netand click on the audio tab for a more complete list. This message deals the danger of staying too long in one condition. Chat with other viewers or request one-on-one prayer from someone on our team during the service.

-- The Eyes Have It

But David is the only man who prays for a nameless baby. They considered him “the great power of God.” Simon’s sorcery was energized by Satan (2 Thes.


Pastor Michael Lindell, October 28, 2012 Pastor Michael Lindell, June 17, 2012 God had already prepared the man’s heart to receive Philip’s witness!

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