Almost everyone uses or has used one. Recording with pedals can get messy if you don’t set the gain and tone controls accordingly before starting. So what is overdrive, and why is it so popular among guitarists? The history of overdrive is a topic that is widely debated because there are multiple variations of the story of how it was first discovered. These three effects are extremely effective tools to have in your arsenal. Therefore you need to purchase a product that can serve you the best at this age. With nine detailed textures to choose from, you can create any variation of overdrive with this JHS pedal. And really, this feature makes all the difference, allowing you to dial in nearly any style and amount of crunch/drive you can imagine - country twang, blues rock, classic rock, etc. On the Comp side, you get Compression, Tone, Volume, and Clean Mix. A good way around this is to record your guitar with no effects, straight into the D.I, and then analyze the waveform. It works well as a boost into an already overdriven amp, with the DRIVE knob set to 0 and the LEVEL turned up. The main goal of the SD-1 is to deliver a natural-sounding distortion, so having fewer controls to fiddle with is a good thing. The benefit of using digital technology to produce overdrive and similar effects is that the compression occurs suddenly as a result of the pedal being activated, causing an abrupt spike in the waveform, therefore altering the sound of the original sound source. This is the one product that has been built to provide just that. » Classic "Marshall In a Box" That Plays Best with Other Pedals. MXR EVH 5150. As stated, the Drive knob ranges from very light for a just little bit extra to medium breakup. Overdrive is a variation of the process I’ve just described. Affordable Klon Centaur alternative that excels as a clean boost. The JHS Morning Glory is based on the coveted 90s Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal, and bills itself as one of the most transparent overdrives out there. The 2-band EQ is very useful for keeping your tone tamed and blending the effect with other pedals. Bottom Line: When it comes to adding touches of overdrive to your guitar, the Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini does a great job. All that’s left to do now is create some unique tones with your new addition! Connectivity: 1 x 6.35mm Jack Input, 1 x Outputs Dig into your strings harder, and you’ll hear its character come through, depending on where you’ve set the Drive knob. The Freq is basically a tone, rolling in some upper mids when you want them. But with the best overdrive pedals, things have been made possible and easier. Instead, it adds a very distinct and unique character to the tone. The clarity of sound is important factors since, without the clear voicing then there’s no need to use the pedals. If you're a beginner, choosing the best overdrive pedal for your needs can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re leaning towards the BD-2 you might also want to look at the Boss BD-2W Blues Driver Waza Craft. It’s a classic, and you’d do well to have a listen to both before making your final decision. 14 Best Overdrive Pedals: The Ultimate List, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. The Gain and Volume knobs are no surprise, but the separate knobs for Bass and Treble let you customize your tone more than most other pedals' single Tone knob. Who This is Best Suited For: The Rat 2 pedal is for guitarists who want complete control over their tone. 4. As time went on, the TS808 Tube Screamer became synonymous with metal music. Delay can cause boredom and much work from the stage performers. Similarly, it’s possible to dive into the great sound fast. Connectivity: 2 x 6.35mm Jack Input, 1 x Output A pedal full of character. Its wide-based design stands out amongst other overdrive pedals, and the detailed set of controls give you plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect sound. Equipboard is reader-supported. But don't let its spartan looks and modest price tag fool you. Powered by. Flipping the hi-cut switch will smooth out any harshness that might come from an overly bright sound. Going too far over that makes it sound too dirty in a bad way. Whenever the overdrive is turned on, it gives you a slight boost in the midrange. Power: 9 Volts DC. Even with the Gain knob all the way down, you get a nice clean boost that responds well to your playing dynamics. In creating the Haymaker, they explicitly tried not to copy the well-known counterparts mentioned elsewhere in this article, but instead created something wide-ranging with excellent versatility. In the same line, the best overdrive pedal has been equipped with a 3-band EQ, 805 overdrive circuits and an independent boost. Finding the best overdrive pedal can be a make or break for getting your tone just right, and ultimately fitting in with your unique style. The headroom on this thing is ridiculous, and makes it ideal for stacking with whatever other pedals are on your board. If you understand what the Centaur is about, you understand the Tumnus. Dialing in the perfect tone is easy, thanks mainly to the simple layout of controls. This is an important one in the makeup of a pedal drive. Connectivity: 1 x 6.35mm Jack Input, 1 x Output If you want it to be true bypass, you'll need to mod it. This is a pretty ideal situation, too, since pedals like the Centaur are meant to be turned on and stay on, quietly doing their part without a lot of fuss. Recording engineers during this period would monitor the signal level to check that it wasn’t clipping and remained within the safe window of dynamics. The MojoMojo has true bypass switching for ensuring your dry signal is well preserved, and it also has a Drive parameter that changes the threshold of the compression. Those humble yet daring origins are an expected part of the musical landscape, and as such, there are hundreds of ways to achieve that particular effect. There’s also a status LED on the face of the pedal which clearly signifies when the pedal is turned on or off, and the signal integrity is protected by the high quality true bypassing. Here are our top 3 recommendations…. They strike an interesting balance between the new-wave, boutique pedal makers coming up with interesting noises and delivering on time-honored sounds. The VH4-2 overdrive pedal brings that legendary tone onto your pedalboard. But the Horseman’s characteristic design is crafted with a built-in OP-AMP voltage-converter driving the 18V to OP-AMP. You are definitely in boutique pedal territory here which comes at a higher price, but this truly is one of the finer overdrive pedals on the market. My Review: The BE-OD pedal by Friedman Amplification encapsulates the tone found in the legendary BE-100 amplifier, which has been used by world-class guitarists across multiple genres. The BD-2 excels if used to boost your clean tone, all the way to a very broken-up, crunchy sound. This explains why you need to get the pedal that has been equipped with simple switching commands. However, this is one of the best products that have succeeded that making. There are three controls present on the face, one for Tone, one for Level, and large Gain control. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a Boss pedal. By changing the configuration of FET’s (Field Effect Transistors) in their bypass circuit,  Fulltone captures more expression than traditional pedals. Paul Gilbert seems to like it and that guy knows a thing or two about guitar. Whether you play blues, rock n’ roll, funk, or metal, there’s an overdriven tone for you within the JHS Bonsai. Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal. Guitar Lobby is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. Joyo is a Chinese company that essentially clones existing pedal designs, and offers them at a tremendous bargain. As you turn the Drive up, the TS9 really starts to shine. Being active means the tone controls can’t only attenuate, but they can boost frequencies, too. Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer (Best Under $100), 4. It’s also a good option for those who are shopping on a tight budget but still want authentic sounding tube overdrive. Drive, level, bass and Treble … The key to this is really the Clean Blend knobs. We say this every time we review a Boss stompbox, but the build quality is great. The whole overdrive pedal has been covered by a heavy aluminum case. In fact, think of the drive side as a slightly modified OCD circuit, and the boost side as a modified Klon. The Soul Food lets you dial in some thick bluesy overdrive, and excels as a clean boost. You might be able to grab a Tumnus for under $100 used on Reverb, if you’re lucky. The two sides are swappable using a patch cable, which means you can loop them in any order if you’re using a switching system. Bottom Line: Over the years the SD-1 has had to contend with so many other options in the market, yet continues to hold its own. All this is made possible by your choice when it comes to the amp. It’s … Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal - The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer overdrive guitar effects pedal is a reissue that's just like the original in so many ways. It takes little effort to operate and once you’ve added it to your pedalboard you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it! The Gain control adds more distortion to the signal, while the Master affects the overall volume. Starting with the Drive knob in the fully counter-clockwise position showcases how well the Soul Food does as a clean boost with ridiculously high headroom.

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