The city theme is to draw fans closer to their home teams more ever than before. The 2019-2020 San Antonio Spurs City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors America’s servicemen and women with a combat-inspired camo print that stays true to the Spurs’ iconic colors while expressing the city’s deep connection to the military. Like the adage goes in sports, “you look good, you play well.” From the simple but effective looks of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers to the madness that was the Toronto Raptors, here are my 30 best NBA jerseys of all time. Do that, and they automatically have the best uniforms in the association.

Since that year, the Knicks have yet to make the playoffs or win more than 37 games in a season. Give 'em credit for the old college try if nothing else. -- Dodson, Notable players in this look: Shaquille O'Neal, Anfernee Hardaway, Horace Grant, Nick Anderson, The Magic took their first alternate jersey -- the electric blue version of their original look -- and made it their full-time road look in the mid-'90s. The Heat have managed to wear a version of these Miami Vice themed jerseys the past three years in Turquoise, Pink, White, and Black. The phrase embodies local pride in what makes Portland wonderfully weird and unique—from its culture and community to the streets and bridges that connect the City of Roses. Fortunately, the team's conventional home-road unis are much easier on the eyes even if the names Good Land Green, Cream City Cream and Great Lakes Blue are a tad much. The purple jersey with the logo in a yellowish gold always made for a nice look.

The 2019-2020 Portland Trail Blazers City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey celebrates the team’s 50th anniversary with a tribute to Rip City and everything it stands for.
-- DePaula, Notable players in this look: Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Byron Scott, In 1978, the Lakers made a change to their gold home jerseys, reversing the colors of the number and drop shadow.

Put on during the days of Reggie Theus and Otis Thorpe, you don’t see a lot of baby blue in the NBA today, besides when the Kings bring the uniform back for retro night. NBA championships: 1 (1958, St. Louis Hawks). Like the adage goes in sports, “you look good, you play well.” From the simple but effective looks of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers to the madness that was the Toronto Raptors, here are my 30 best NBA jerseys … Going with black made sense, but adding the pinstripes took it over the top. Nike's summary With the city already established as a cultural hub, Toronto’s first NBA Championship raised the team to a new level of global recognition. The white trim on the Icon Edition navies is a really bad idea. As a kid, I remember the buzz the team’s road jerseys had back in the day. A jersey that featured a bear armed with a ball in claw deserves to be on this list.

Nike's summary Long before theme parks brought the world to Orlando, the region’s citrus groves brought Orlando to the world. One standout in the ‘90s was the Toronto Raptors’ inaugural jersey. Call it uniform chaos. It’s hard to remember, but NBA basketball was played in Vancouver at one point in time.
A forgotten hue in Los Angeles, the blue jersey was used by the Lakers after they moved from Minneapolis in 1960. A black background signifies the team’s strength and intensity, flanked by silver-trimmed side panels that symbolize the Bay Area’s bridges, and fronted with a stylized interpretation of the famous Oakland Tree. Nike's summary Forget the glitz and glamour. -- Lopez, Notable players in this look: Michael Jordan, Artis Gilmore, Reggie Theus, Norm Van Lier, A young Michael Jordan wore this uniform for only one season, during his 1984-85 rookie year. Also, just having ORL looks a bit lazy.

Our summary Shaq is an incredible marketing guru but this design falls flat.

Bottom line: The blue-black-silver scheme is fine. That jump ball logo is also a perfect topper to a colorful jersey. For every new uni that’s a slam dunk, a bunch clang off the rim. The major complaint: There was no connection to the team, the city or its culture whatsoever.

Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp putting together alley-oops in the classic green and whites?

“MSP” lettering highlights the region’s international airport, while the soft blue background references the colors of Minneapolis’ original basketball team. By Jasmine Watkins, 1/17/19, 1:00 PM EST . The Wiz broke out the uniform for every home game during their 2017 playoff run.

The 2019-2020 Miami Heat City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors its vibrancy with a soft, watery-blue background and hot flamingo accents that symbolize the city’s vivid colors. Until then, No.

Nike's summary Everybody knows Denver as the Mile High City, but for the Nuggets rising up the NBA’s ranks, nothing short of a championship is high enough. But that's just what the Bulls did with this jersey. It’s here somewhere. -- McMenamin, Notable players in this look: Clyde Drexler, Terry Porter, Jerome Kersey, Kevin Duckworth, Something about lowercase letters and Portland just seems to fit. The Houston Rockets had one of the most interesting designs. Wilkins is the only player to have remained with Atlanta during the entire near decade the team was outfitted in these threads, with "HAWKS" on the jersey in a white mesh cutout that reflects onto the shorts. Just beautiful. -- McMenamin, Notable players in this look: Jack Sikma, Nate McMillan, Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, This look always represented the city of Seattle well. Remember Do The Right Thing? Still, I’ll keep in my mind that those gray sleeved Celtics alternates never happened.

Bottom line: The new City Edition drew mixed reviews last season, not because of the overdue Motor City designation but the black and white color combo.

The orange road uniform was a little too colorful, but the home whites feature the perfect mesh of white, orange and black.

Fact is, this team always was and always will be the Jazz to many.

There has been a multitude of different jerseys and uniforms that have come to pass in the NBA, but there can only be a few that really have popped and had a significant impact in NBA history. -- Friedell, Notable players in this look: Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, JJ Redick, The minor tweaks made to this set over the ones from the previous six seasons amounted to a major upgrade, bringing back the "PHILA" wordmark, the side stars and blue as the primary road color. The gold stripes down the sides "invoke the imagery of Indiana farmland and are a physical representation of growth, tying into the notion that basketball is grown in Indiana," we’re told.

On top of that, the team had vertical stripes and a red dinosaur as the team’s mascot and logo. Ohhh-kaaaaay. New York started rocking these uniforms back in 2012. -- McMenamin, Notable players in this look: Grant Hill, Jerry Stackhouse, Lindsey Hunter, Jerome Williams, Abandoning Detroit's simple blue and red uniforms of the beloved "Bad Boys" era wasn't well-received at the time, but the vivid teal tone and literal Piston graphic jerseys became a cult classic years later.

Nike's summary April 19, 1995 forever changed Oklahoma and the nation.

It’s black and white and has BROOKLYN written all over it. -- Reisinger, Notable players in this look: Pete Maravich, Walt Bellamy, Lou Hudson, Walt Hazzard, Pistol Pete flipping crosscourt and behind-the-back passes in these jerseys makes them a classic look worth remembering.

The neckline and armhole details reference the Knickerbocker era, uniting the team's classic and modern identities. The NBA has always been known for its flair on and off the court. All for supporting the troops but wish the Spurs went in a different direction with these uniforms. Though the purple and green era of the Milwaukee Bucks was not very aesthetically pleasing, one victory that came out of that period is this uniform.

Hey, why not? I included them in our best jerseys of all-time roundup last season. The 2019-2020 New Orleans Pelicans City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey brings back the Mardi Gras-inspired look, with the Carnivalesque purple, green and gold bands symbolizing justice, faith and power.

-- Dodson, Notable players in this look: Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers, Kevin Willis, Spud Webb, Debuted during Dominique Wilkins' rookie season, this uniform became a Superman suit for the Atlanta Hawks. Bottom line: Their so-called Statement Edition features orange jerseys and orange shorts with a purple stripe and no mention of the team name anywhere. Best seller: Forward Kawhi Leonard (signed as free agent with Los Angeles Clippers). -- Dodson, Notable players in this look: Patrick Ewing, Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe, Charles Oakley, Outside of a drastically different look in the early '80s, this is how the Knicks took the floor for the better part of three decades. As part of the money grab, each of the 30 teams has four versions from which to choose.

You know, back when the Queen City had a pro basketball team. The purple combo, in honor of Prince, was a hit in the Twin Cities.

Ever since they unveiled a revamped uniform set in 2015, the Sixers have had one of the best-looking jerseys in the NBA. Like the Knicks, the Pelicans are also recyling last year's uniforms.

New team uniforms delivered a new "CLIPPERS" font, marked by a Pacman-esque "C." -- Dodson, Notable players in this look: Charles Barkley, Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Mo Cheeks, This is the longest-lasting jersey in 76ers history, and with good reason. Our summary Storytelling done right.

The only team to not wear white uniforms as their regular home uniform, the Lakers always had an aesthetically different vibe from every other team in the league. Getting away from the “lightning bolt” era was one of the smartest moves in franchise history.

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