Pet food companies looking to remain competitive find it important to provided quality information on the food label. In addition, we regularly provide on-site HACCP training accredited by the International HACCP Alliance and customized for individual food products and processes, tailored for your specific company. It should be noted that microbiology is the primary science behind Log10 laboratory, specializing in probiotic and pathogen detection, isolation and enumeration — making it the top choice for microbiological testing in the U.S. Our food scientists use the most current accredited and validated testing methods available in a biological level II (BSL2) testing laboratory, following the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) test methods. As a resulting trend, many pet owners are purchasing higher-quality foods for their pets. Environmental Monitoring Programs & Testing Services, Validation Studies for Preventive Control, Fruit and vegetable juices, mustard and sauce, mayonnaise, salad dressing and dressings for foods, vinegar, Fructose-6-phosphate Phosphoketolase Assay, EU Export Analysis; Salmonella spp./Enterobacteriaceae, (EBAC) NF Validation: 3M 01/06-09/97 (Salmonella) AOAC® PTM 100201, Meat, poultry, fruit and vegetable products, dairy products, chocolate/bakery products, pasta, dry pet food, Total Coliform, E. coli (Presence/Absence), All human food products, pet food and industrial environmental samples, All human food products, animal feed (pet food and animal feeding stuffs) and industrial production environmental samples, Stainless steel, ceramic tile, sealed concrete, All human food products (excluding yogurts) and industrial environmental samples, Yogurt, frozen bread dough, fermented salami, sour cream, ready-made pie, frozen ground beef patties, almonds, sandwiches, sliced apples & dehydrated soup, All human food products, animal feed & industrial production environmental samples, Raw ground beef, beef trim, spinach & lettuce, Dairy products, raw meat products, readyto-eat meat and poultry products, fruitand vegetable-based products and dry cereal & dry animal feed, E. coli (STEC) Screening assay for stx and eae, E. coli (STEC) Screening assay for panel 1 & 2, Frankfurters, smoked salmon, spinach and other vegetables, cheese, environmental sponges, environmental swabs, environmental surfaces, Frankfurters, shrimp, spinach, queso fresco cheese, stainless steel surfaces. In addition, pet foods are required to be nutritionally balanced in order to maintain the health of the pet. "areaServed": ["",""], Food and Environmental MicrobiologyUKAS accredited microbiological testing by experienced professionals, Nutritional Analysisindustry leading turnaround times for food products and beverages, Consultancy & Trainingextensive experience including product recall & crisis management. "name": "Analytical Lab Testing for Food Products", As an ISO 17025 accredited testing facility with a biological level II (BSL 2) laboratory, we offer comprehensive environmental and food manufacturing laboratory testing, research and consulting services designed to efficiently detect and remediate any issues — including pathogen contamination — in human and animal food production facilities, packaging, distribution and storage facilities across the nation. SAME AND NEXT DAY UKAS ACCREDITED RESULTS SERVICE AVAILABLE FOR NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS, UKAS, M&S AND TESCO APPROVED LABORATORY TESTING, *FOOD INDUSTRY NEWS* Food allergen labelling changes become law, *FOOD INDUSTRY NEWS* FSA Chair reaffirms commitment to highest food safety standards after EU Exit, *FOOD INDUSTRY NEWS* Major retailers publish Campylobacter results, *FOOD INDUSTRY NEWS* Why the World is Becoming More Allergic to Food. "@context": "", Foodtest Laboratories Ltd. is a UKAS (ISO:17025), Tesco and Marks and Spencer approved Laboratory. Ensuring food safety that meets all standards and regulations referred to in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), a company’s own Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan, as well as additional measures for companies that export food products to the European Union, often requires timely testing and guidance conducted by food safety experts like the professionals at Log10. Foodtest offer UKAS Accredited (ISO 17025) Category 2 Nutritional Testing for food and beverage products at extremely competitive prices. Third-party analysis for your animal feeds, ingredients and even some human foods from professionals who care! Analytical testing is an all-inclusive term that covers techniques and test methods used to determine the physical characteristics, microbial levels and chemical composition of a specimen. "@type": "Service", PHYSICAL HAZARDS - Unwanted physical objects that can result in consumer injury, such as shards of plastics, glass, metals, or wood that can enter food products during processing, packaging and distribution are referred to as physical hazards. Testing is available to determine their levels and results can be available from 3 days to 10 days. Most current food manufacturers leverage internal quality management systems to ensure quality products reach the consumer. From accurately identifying microbes in a food product to chemical analysis and labeling regulations, it is imperative that food test laboratories utilize both the highest-quality technical talent and accredited testing methods. Our expert training on regulatory compliance extends from Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), FSMA Preparedness, to Preventive Controls for Animal Food (PCQI). Additional S&H Charges will be applied. please contact us directly for information on availability and pricing. "addressCountry": "", Results can be ready from same day up to 15 days. "streetAddress": "2402 Sykes Blvd. ", Our expert training on regulatory compliance extends from Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), FSMA Preparedness, to Preventive Controls for Animal Food (PCQI). Microbial testing investigates microorganisms that could be contaminating food products or processing equipment or environments. We also offer help for keeping facilities free of harmful microbes and can offer remediation assistance for companies struggling with recurrent issues. ORGANOLEPTIC PROPERTIES - In addition to nutritional analysis of food, often other properties such as appearance, color, odor and flavor are tested to ensure a quality food product will be experienced by the consumer. UKAS Accredited (ISO 17025) Microbiological testing of food and beverage products is offered to determine product safety and product quality. Analytical Resource Laboratory specializes in testing of food, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. "additionalType": ["",""], Food companies need delivery of highly reliable results in the quickest turnaround times possible in order to continue uninterrupted production. The current trend for pet owners is to be incredibly informed of nutritional information provided on the food label. Sensory evaluation provides support to research and development, marketing, and quality control and uses sensory science to acquire information about product differences, consumer preferences, and attribute intensities. }, ", "@type": "ImageObject", Quality Control Testing Additional S&H Charges will be applied. By consistently performing food and environmental testing services, and timely notifications of reported findings, Log10 helps to protect companies and consumers from food consumption with any of the following forms of hazards: BIOLOGICAL HAZARDS This category includes any biological substance that poses a threat to the health of the consumer. Google Maps Log10® is changing the dynamics in traditional food safety. }, liance and customized for individual food products and processes, tailored for your specific company. Microbial & chemical analyses can also be incorporated if necessary. Analytical Laboratory Testing for Pet Food The standards regarding acceptable levels of microbes, chemicals and ingredients in pet foods and food products intended for human consumption can differ slightly, but the FDA does require that even in commercial pet foods, ingredients must be listed by order of weight predominance. Marfleet Analytical are cGMP approved laboratory, inspected and authorized by the MHRA. }, All laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 with our laboratories in UK, Czech Republic and Sweden offering testing in accordance with GMP and GLP. ", Have questions or want more information on our food testing labs? In the food industry, human lives — as well as companies’ brand reputation and capital — depend on the production and delivery of high-quality safe food products. "width": "512", Health Canada MFLP-28 KIT2017 (Kit #D11000157), Ready-to-eat meat and poultry, eggs and derivatives: Heat processed, dried; fish and seafood products: heat processed, frozen, smoked, other; dairy products; chocolate/bakery products: bakery products; miscellaneous: shelf-stable acid food, spices; multi-ingredient composite foods & other foods & environmentals, Raw Meat and Poultry Products, Fish and Seafood Products: Raw Fish and Crustaceans, Molluscan Shellfish, Fruits and Vegetables, Eggs and Derivatives: Unprocessed, Chocolate/Bakery Products: Low Moisture, Dry (powder), Miscellaneous: Cereals/rice, Animal Feeds, Other, Spinach, shrimp, smoked salmon & queso fresco, Frankfurters, chipped ham, cooked chicken, raw ground chicken, soy protein powder, liquid egg, cream cheese, peanut butter, chocolate, black pepper, custard, liquid milk, chilled ready meal, cooked fish, seafood‐prawns, elbow macaroni, pizza dough, frozen peas, orange juice, dry pet food, Ground beef, raw meats (including seasoned & frozen), spinach & lettuce, Hot dogs and frankfurters, beef/raw ground beef, chicken/raw ground chicken, fish/raw frozen tilapia fish, fruit juices/orange juice, cheese/mozzarella cheese, Non-frozen dairy products, chocolate/bakery products, fruit and vegetable-based products, raw poultry products, raw & heat-processed fish & seafood, Environmental swabs, dry pet food, milk chocolate, cocoa, shell eggs, ground turkey & chicken, beef trim, ground beef, ground beef soy, chicken carcass rinse, dried raisins, peanut butter, whole black pepper, frozen peas, cream cheese, lettuce, milk-based infant formula, nonfat dry milk, cocoa & dried parsley, Dried whole egg, Whole liquid egg (pasteurized), Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) w/ Chloramphenicol Plates, Rodac Contact Plate – Standard Plate Count Agar, Rodac Contact Plate – Potato Dextrose w/ Chloramphenicol Agar.

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