Please visit  for the latest updates. Dear New Mexico Horse Society, The New Mexico Livestock Board hereby issues this guidance on compliance with the Governor’s order to close all non-essential businesses to the public effective 8:00 AM Tuesday March 24, 2020. © 2020 National Association of State Departments of Agriculture. Mexico’s agricultural history stretches back thousands of years, and today farming continues to help shape the country’s environment, economy and culture. Ranching and commercial farming added $3.1 billion to the state’s economy in 2007. Milk production supports several of the biggest cheese manufacturing plants in the country, and from 2002-2005, milk production in New Mexico increased by 10 percent. Learn More. LAS CRUCES – Consumers searching for New Mexico agricultural products may find items listed on the New Mexico Department of Agriculture website. At this time, the public should call 505-361-2840 or email 7,692 Agriculture Companies in New Mexico. New Mexico leads in cash receipts for pecan production with superior quality nuts and some of the largest orchards. Despite its generally dry climate, agriculture in New Mexico is an important economic activity. The cattle herds were largest in the early 1920s, but the grasslands were greatly overgrazed. New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture Jeff Witte said he is proud of New Mexico farmers and ranchers. More than half of the country’s total land area is used in agriculture, with New Mexico’s agricultural history is long and diverse, from very early planting and trading of corn and squash to cattle drives. Due to New Mexico Gov. Call 575-646-3007 or email New Mexico’s agriculture is as diverse as the state’s culture, geography, and climate. The greater part of New Mexico’s productive farmland is found along the Río Grande and in the Pecos, San Juan, Canadian, and Gila river valleys, where crops can be irrigated with river water. New Mexico State University’s Seed to Supper Program provides access to seeds for New Mexicans NMSU’s Cooperative Extension Service efforts help with access to seeds, gardening guidance during public health emergency LAS CRUCES – New Mexicans have the opportunity to... by | Apr 17, 2020 | Jobs & the Economy, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Other Affected Services, Tourism Department. Produce grown across the state includes onions, potatoes, pumpkins, watermelons, lettuce, cabbage, corn, and beans. To ensure these resources remain available to the public, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) is taking innovative... by | May 21, 2020 | New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Other Affected Services. At this time, there will be no routine inspections, unless it is required for commerce. N.M. All Rights Reserved. There are over 100 cities in New Mexico with companies in the Agriculture category. The state also has farms that produce eggs and hogs. Agriculture is one of the state’s principal industries with cash receipts approaching $3 billion annually and directly supports over 23,000 jobs in the state. The livestock industry remains significant to New Mexico’s economy with over 1.5 million head feeding on rangeland and feedlots. The most important vegetables raised are chili peppers and onions; others include potatoes, lettuce, and pinto beans. Through securing the food supply, promoting trade, and protecting our natural resources and environment, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture is a producer, consumer and regulatory agency that plays a fundamental role in multiple sectors of New Mexico’s agricultural and consumer services industries. Hay is grown mainly in Chaves, Eddy, and San Juan counties, and most of it is fed to livestock on the farms where it is grown rather than sold. Consistent production of high-quality alfalfa contributes to the state’s ranking as the seventh highest milk and eigth highest cheese producing state in the nation. Dry farming (farming without irrigation) is practiced in the extreme eastern part of the state and in a few small areas in the mountain valleys. LAS CRUCES – New Mexico’s agriculture industry provides many resources that are crucial to the state’s communities and economy. Industry partners with Agriculture Department to provide pandemic help SANTA FE – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, New Mexico’s food industry has supplied tons of food to Indian communities across the state and is gearing up to provide more wherever needed.... by | Apr 21, 2020 | New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Other Affected Services.

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