Municipalities have announced various measures to try to keep voters infection-free, including the regular disinfection of voting booths, ensuring a safe personal distance between those waiting in line, and providing sanitising hand gels upon entry and exit. French media reported that the election set a record with a low turnout, and whether the next round of voting can be conducted depends on the progress of the epidemic. Sunday 15th March and Sunday 28th June 2020 from 8h to 19h (Second round postponed due to virus). A more recent law passed in January 2007 stipulates that the lists must be composed of alternating male and female candidates, rather than the previous clusters of 6, and the executive bodies of these councils must also respect the rules of gender parity. Candidates may stand alone or as a group. But some observers say many are likely to opt to stay home to avoid the novel coronavirus that has already killed dozens and infected thousands more in France alone. Macron said Thursday that scientists had assured him “there is nothing to prevent the French, even the most vulnerable, from going to the ballot box”, provided everyone observes basic infection-prevention rules. The distribution of seats in the municipal council is done as in the first round: majority bonus with proportional distribution to the highest average. The number of seats on a council relates to the size of the population, as set out in the following table: B) Presenting Lists & the Election Process. Neither law applies to communes of under 1000 inhabitants, where there is still a male domination in municipal councils, though some maires are tying to include more women in order to respect the spirit of this law. In 2000, a law was introduced to encourage the representation of women in politics, with the aim of achieving ‘parity’ between men and women. In practice, this can lead to three-way (triangulaire), four-way (quadrangulaire) or even five-way (pentagulaire) contests in round two. Issued on: 15/03/2020 - 08:14Modified: 15/03/2020 - 08:30. ), and it is better to claim your candidature openly. This is particularly important in areas with very high levels of British residents, where the local population might well be fearing a take-over by the perfidious Albion! Find out more here. And despite fresh restrictions announced Saturday evening, including the closure of all non-essential public places such as cafés, restaurants, cinemas and gyms, the elections will go ahead. When you get to the mairie, you must present your carte électorale. 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If a candidate is elected against his/her will, they are able to submit their resignation. for 1+3, enter 4. WHO? Their number depends on how populous each district is. In the first two rounds, the maire is elected by absolute majority, but a relative majority is sufficient if there is a third round. Assuming that your French is good enough to cope with council meetings, you should start showing interest in the elections and in council business generally. Half of these councils are renewed every three years. The voting for the cantonale election should take place in a different place to the municipale: this could be a different room in the same building. #Municipale2020 @LH_LeHavre What are the issues of contention and what are your own views on them? This ballot is uninominal, meaning you vote for one candidate and their suppléant (stand in). Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. Even though the parity law does not affect small communes, many maires espouse its political objectives, and are trying to increase female representation. French voters head to the polls on March 15 and 22 to elect some 35,000 mayors and more than ten times as many councilors. On the 15th, the first round of voting in the 2020 French municipal elections proceeded as scheduled. © 2020 Copyright France 24 - All rights reserved. As well as the general information provided in point B, there is also another twist to the story in that it is possible to get elected without having been on any list at all! Information here is taken from the guidelines published for 2020 on the government’s website. WHEN? Mayors are traditionally regarded as France’s most popular – or least unpopular – elected officials, which generally translates into relatively high turnout. The counting of votes in small communes is a fascinating event in French politics and is highly recommended for anyone with even a limited interest in politics: everyone is allowed to go in to the mairie and watch as the lists are deciphered.

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