Quarterback John Elway threw a middle screen pass intended for running back Steve Sewell, but it was tipped by Bills defensive lineman Jeff Wright into the arms of linebacker Carlton Bailey, who returned the ball 11 yards for Buffalo's only touchdown of the game. All Rights Reserved. In the end however it was revealed that his father was his mother Liane, due to having both male and female genitals. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This episode, and the Broncos, appeared again the episode "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)", in which during a series of flashback, Cartman recalls the discovery of his father, however he intentionally alters the memory to where he claims John Elway to be his father, rather than Liane. They are the overall favored team of the whole community of South Park and are as such, mentioned numerous times. "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut". Kubiak, who was playing in his last NFL game before retiring, led the Broncos 85 yards in eight plays and scored a 3-yard touchdown run with 1:43 left. The team improved on its 5–11 from 1990, winning their third AFC West title in five years, and advanced to the AFC Championship game. Late in the third quarter, the Broncos faced second down and 10 at their own 19-yard line. Later, when Scott convinces his parents that a pony is being abused at Farmer Carl Denkins's Ranch, they go to save the pony, are killed by the farmer on sight because Cartman fabricated to Denkins that they were deranged pony-killers. During Kenny's funeral in "Spontaneous Combustion", Priest Maxi ignores Kenny's death, and instead gives a speech about the Bronco and leads the congregation in a cheer for the team. South Park © 2020 Comedy Partners. Scoring The secret would tear the town apart years later, as Dr. Alphonse Mephesto nearly revealed Tenorman's identity to the public when he was shot by his brother, a hardcore Broncos fan, but their involvement was covered up by the various potential fathers and a reluctant Dr. Mephesto, as the Broncos feared the scandal would ruin their season. The Denver Broncos were able to receive approval from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to host a limited number of fans. During "Scott Tenorman Must Die", Jack Tenorman who would later be revealed to be right tackle for the Denver Broncos, and father of Cartman's arch-foe Scott Tenorman, appears, in which he catches Jimbo Kern, Ned Gerblansky, Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh, Gerald Broflovski and several other men watching his wife undress from the bushes outside his house. John Elway, a now former star quarterback, is a hero to a majority of the South Park characters. In the second half, the Oilers were limited to only a 25-yard field goal by kicker Al Del Greco, which gave Houston a 24–16 lead in the fourth quarter. South Park tweeted out a message of support for their favorite team, taking a clip from season 3 episode “Spontaneous Combustion,” where a priest leads his congregation in a prayer for the Broncos. The Denver Broncos revealed on Sunday that they've added some huge fans to the crowd — the characters from the town of South Park! Stewart Perrie . — Denver Broncos (@Broncos) September 27, 2020. However, Denver kicker David Treadwell missed 3 field goals, hitting the goal posts twice and driving the other attempt wide right. Buffalo relied on missed field goals by Denver and some key plays from their defense to narrowly defeat the Broncos in a tough defensive struggle. The Denver Broncos' uniform consists of orange jerseys with the player number in white and outlined in blue, white pants with orange stripes, and blue helmets with orange and white stripes. https://southpark.fandom.com/wiki/Denver_Broncos?oldid=410243. The Denver Broncos return in "Sarcastaball", where Randy Marsh accidentally invents a sport while trying to be sarcastic during a PTA meeting. One of the most legendary football teams of all time, the 1989 Denver Broncos were famous faces when they stopped at South Park's Annual Drunken Barn Dance one lonely week, and after they flirted with a drunken Liane Cartman, she was taken aside by an equally drunk Jack Tenorman, and the next evening she was pregnant with the boy who would become Eric Cartman. The 1991 Denver Broncos season was the team's 32nd year in professional football and its 22nd with the National Football League (NFL). All Rights Reserved. NFL Football Players Although the first half was scoreless, the Broncos advanced into Buffalo territory on all five of their possessions in the first half. Eric Cartman always suspected a Bronco might be his father regardless, but hoped it would be his friends' idol John Elway - he was unaware when he encountered Scott Tenorman and manipulated events to have the teenager's parents murdered and fed to their son that Mr. Tenorman was a legendary Bronco right tackle, and was horrified to learn a year later from his very own arch-nemesis that he had killed and murdered his own father. Elway's comeback is now known solely as The Drive II. About. Kubiak completed 11 of 12 passes for 136 yards and rushed for 22. They were then ground up into chili by Cartman who later tricks their son Scott into eating them. NFL Team Denver Broncos Have Placed The Entire South Park Town Into The Stadium. Appearances Elway then completed a 10-yard touchdown to Johnson, but kicker David Treadwell missed the extra point. Trailing 24–23 with 2:07 left in the game, quarterback John Elway led the Broncos from their own 2-yard line to the winning 28-yard field goal with 16 seconds remaining. A sizable section of the crowd for the Denver Broncosgame against the Tampa Bay Buccaneersat Empower Field at Mile High, Sunday, was taken up by cardboard cutouts of characters from South Park. One of the most legendary football teams of all time, the 1989 Denver Broncos were famous faces when they stopped at South Park's Annual Drunken Barn Dance one lonely week, and after they flirted with a drunken Liane Cartman, she was taken aside by an equally drunk Jack Tenorman, and the next evening she was pregnant with the boy who would become Eric Cartman.The secret would tear the … Broncos receiver Vance Johnson finished the game with 8 receptions for 104 yards. The Oilers jumped to a 14–0 lead with quarterback Warren Moon's two touchdown passes to wide receivers Haywood Jeffires and Drew Hill for 15 and 9 yards, respectively. 2020 South Park Digital Studios LLC. South Park Archives is a FANDOM TV Community. The sport becomes so popular the NFL asks Randy to be the new coach of the Denver Broncos Sarcastaball team. Share Tweet. Recently in the episode "201", it revealed the events of "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" were all a lie created to hide the truth about Cartman's father, due to the fact that the Broncos were having a good season, and everyone feared that the scandal of an illegitimate child amongst the players would be a distraction. South Park and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Comedy Partners. The Broncos then marched 80 yards to score on Lewis' 1-yard touchdown run to cut the deficit to 24–23. The uniforms prior to "Sarcastaball" are those worn by the Broncos until 1996. Elway was then knocked out of the game after suffering a deep thigh bruise, and was replaced by backup Gary Kubiak. It was revealed that the father of Cartman's arch-foe Scott Tenorman, was a right tackle of the Denver Broncos, and that on the night of the Drunken Barn Dance, the ginger-haired Jack Tenorman was the player that got Liane pregnant with Eric, thus making Scott his half-brother. First They are also referred to as the 1991 Denver Broncos interchangeably; at the time the episodes aired in 1998, this would make Cartman eight years old. So Stan places up an American flag, says "go America" and then "go Denver Broncos". Comedy Central. While the South Park characters made their return to the stands, they were not the only "people" on hand to watch the AFC West battle. The entire Bronco team makes their first on-screen appearances in the episode "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" and "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut", when it is revealed that on the night of the Drunken Barn Dance, Eric Cartman's mother Liane Cartmanproceeded to have sex with a large number of men and woman, including the entire Denver Broncos team, which left into question who amongst all the participating men was Cartman's father. BUF – Bailey 11 interception return (Norwood kick) BUF 7–0 The team improved on its 5–11 from 1990, winning their third AFC West title in five years, and advanced to the AFC Championship game. BUF – field goal Norwood 44 BUF 10–0 Then on fourth down and 10, he completed a 44-yard pass to wide receiver Vance Johnson. Type Occupation Instead of tackling, the players hug while the quarterback compliments the opposing team. There are no other distinguishing features among the various team members. South Park characters are set to be parked at the 50-yard line at Denver’s next NFL game. The Broncos are still a prominent force in South Park, but the 1989 team is long replaced. On the drive, he converted on two fourth downs. Denver then recovered the ensuing onside kick, but the Bills clinched the victory after defensive back Kirby Jackson forced and recovered a fumble from running back Steve Sewell. American Football Team The new sport named sarcastaball, is meant to be gentler than football by replacing the uniforms with brassieres and tinfoil hats and the ball with a balloon. Denver Broncos Moon responded by throwing a 6-yard touchdown to wide receiver Curtis Duncan to give Houston a 21–6 lead, but Denver running back Greg Lewis scored a 1-yard touchdown before halftime.

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